The Last Man On The Track

Last night at 2:30am Joe and I shut the doors to Super-G R/C Drift Arena. In doing that, we knew this was the end of an era. The end of the dedicated R/C Drift facility for us. It’s been a fun ride, but times have changed for us and it’s been clear we need to choose what path is best for Project-G / Super-G. The support and love we have received over the years from the community has been phenomenal.

This change is bitter sweet. We are losing a setup we worked hard to get to a point we felt happy with, but as always, the next phase is always exciting. In the upcoming weeks we will be combining our Project-G workshop with the Super-G track facility. If all goes as planned, we should be left with a track we can still be proud of. We’ll know in a few weeks.

We had one last event last night at Super-G, hosted by RawFew, Team Nanashi, and Drftndm. It was fitting since it was also the last Formula Drift at Irwindale. It was complete with an Insane Entry Contest, 3-4 Man Team Tandem Comp, and a Fun Comp to round out the night!

The turnout was awesome with a lot of familiar faces coming out. Some to drive, and some just to hang out. That’s part of Super-G, it’s not just about R/C Drift, it’s about family. It’s about having fun as a community. We had Washington, Vegas, and San Diego in the house to slide with us.

This event was different than any other we have had. Colin and Team Nanashi along the rest of the guys from RawFew and Drftndm decided Joe and I should be able to experience the event as attendees instead of always trying to handle everything ourselves. It was a very different experience for us. In looking back, I would say running the events, Joe and I miss about 95% of what the event is about. It like a performer in a play, they never get to experience the show itself. Thank you guys for giving us this experience. Colin, you rock homie!!!

Last night was the end of an era. Today is the start of the next phase. Stay tuned!