The 2023 Super Drift Championship Season has come to an end, and one man stands above the rest, Bret Trevino of Slidelines R/C and Tech 1 Drift! Bret had a phenomenal 2023, not only in the SDC Series, but in R/C Drift in general. I would have to say Bret owned 2023! The man was unstoppable.

October 2018 – Even back then Bret was showing his skills

Where do I start?
How about in October of 2018. In 2018 the scene in Las Vegas, Nevada was growing quickly. Mike Cronhamn was setting up these sick outdoor sessions at various parks. A bunch of us Super-G locals wanted to get some slides with our homies in Vegas, so we grabbed our stuff and made out way out to one of these sessions. There was obviously some good drivers out there, but one driver stood out amongst them all, Bret Trevino! I don’t remember the specifics, (5 years ago), but we had a gift specifically for the one driver we felt was killing it. Not only did Bret stand out in the crowd, but we all unanimously felt he was the driver who deserved the recognition. I don’t even know if he remembers that day, but ever since then, he has been on my radar as one of the best drivers around. Shortly after that day, Bret and his partner Dillon took the plunge and opened up Slidelines RC in Las Vegas!

Ever since then, Bret has been steadily upping his game. It was clear from the start, Bret is a true competitor. His background as a B-Boy has ingrained competitiveness into his person, and it’s been clear he applies this same passion into Drift. It has never been enough for Bret to just read through the rules for any of the competitions I have seen him in, but he is always looking for clarification on the various aspects of the rules as well. This has allowed Bret to have a firm grasp of what is expected and needed to win.

2023 Bret’s Year The list of Bret’s accomplishments for 2023 is impressive to say the least. I think it’s safe to say 2023 was owned by Bret.

Beginning of the year Comp – Prototype / 2nd Place

Prototype Comp – Prototype / Top Qualifier and 1st Place

Twin Competition – GGT / 1st Place with Teammate Alfredo Chan III

King of the Streets – Drift
April 23, 2023 – Super-G along with RC Drag Talk hosted King of the Streets – Drift. This was a different type of Drift event since it was raw. The surface was unprepped and the tires had a lot more traction than we are used to. The best way to sum it up, a competition nobody was able to really practice or prepare for. Come out and make it happen! In the end, Bret came out on top of 33 competitors, and took home the win! It was winner take all, and Bret took home a fat, $3,000.00 check!

Super Drift Championship Series – SoCal Region
For the 2023 season, Bret decided to make SoCal his region. Every round he made the drive out to Super-G to compete. Without putting in extra practice, he would show up on Comp Day and do his thing. To even podium here is a feat in itself, to consistently podium shows it’s more than just luck. This season, consistency was the name of the game, and Bret made sure he was up on that podium!

SDC 2023 – SoCal Region Podium Finishes
Round 2 – 2nd Place
Round 3 – 1st Place
Round 4 – 3rd Place
Round 5.- 2nd Place

Although the race was tight, Bret showed he has what it takes to be the best overall!

SoCal Regional Points – 1st Place!
SoCal SDC Regional Champion! Title – SDC 2023 SoCal Drift King!

L to R – Steve Fujita, Justin Wilming, Bret Trevino (USA Drift King), Alfredo Chan III, Joe Tam

Super Drift Championship 2023 USA Finals
The entire season had come down to the SDC 2023 USA Finals here at Super-G in Los Angeles, CA. With 13 Regions from all over the US, and over 600 registered competitors, taking the top spot is no easy task. This was the most competitors we have had in any season thus far, and at the Finals Competition there was 115 Competitors. All were shooting for that top spot, and the title of Super Drift Championship 2023 USA Drift King. This was a competition of the best the US has to offer. At the end of the day, Bret proved why 2023 was his! The long road of the 2023 season ended with Bret being victorious and claiming the title of Super Drift Championship 2023 USA Drift King!

SDC 2023 USA Finals – 1st Place! Title – SDC 2023 USA Drift King!

Here is the Drift King in action! It’s quite obvious why he earned that title!

Click Here for Bret’s SDC2023 USA FINALS Hightlights

Bret’s Weapon of Choice
RAZR Rhino Shark w/ Yokomo LTS High Battery Mount / Motor: Acuvance 13.5T Agile / ESC: Yokomo RPXII / Servo: ReveD / Gyro: Futaba GYD550 / Transmitter: Futaba 7PX-R

A Word From The USA Drift King
What can i say. Its been a good year for me 2023. All the practice and sacrifice paid off. I had alot of ups and downs with the car. Broke alot of things. Ran alot of different kinds of setups. The improvement in the driving and tuning never stops. For me its not always about being better than the next but being the best that i can be. I look forward to continuing to grow and to pushing the limits of rc drift. I wanna thank my teams and all the people who supported me and believe in me. – Bret

Congratulations Bret, for not only a phenomenal SDC season, but a 2023 season in general. You really have proven yourself to be a top level competitor in the RC Drift Scene, and Number 1 in the SDC2023 Series. You truly have earned the title of SDC2023 USA Drift King! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for 2024!