Futaba 7PXR 7-Channel 2.4GHz T-FHSS Telemetry Radio System w- Receiver

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Exude presence of the "R"

Futaba's flagship 7PX has been the choice of many of the World's top drivers for its incredible response, speed & reliability.
The 7PX has evolved, meeting the demanding and ever-changing needs of today's drivers, introducing the 7PXR
The evolution of "R" means a newly tuned device that will integrate seamlessly with driver and transmitter to bring an experience far beyond expectations.
The 4.3-inch full-color touch screen, telemetry system, new shape throttle trigger along with advanced functions that are unmatched by our competitors are what you the driver expects, the NEW 7PXR delivers.
Here you will find the details of Futaba's latest evolution of "R", evolve you're driving with Futaba's 7PXR.

7PXR Transmitter – Super Response Digital Proportional RC System

For Use with Surface Models (01004395-3) (01004396-3)

Core Features

Super Response

Amazing reaction speed is realized by the combination of the corresponding receiver and servo.

Wireless Settings

Corresponding servo and motor controller parameters can be changed wirelessly while mounted on the body

Optimal Feeling

Improve balance by reducing head weight and improve operability by increasing home button size

Reinforced Housing

Adopt carbon-reinforced resin for housing material

Curved Throttle Trigger

The trigger lever adopts a new design that gives a more natural operation feeling based on ergonomics.

Luxurious Design

The hooks are black anodized with diamond cutting, and titanium screws are used in various places.

Wireless Setting


7PXR has a wireless setting function.
In the conventional method, rewriting the parameters of the S.BUS servo required a wired connection between the transmitter and the servo. This wireless setting function allows you to quickly change settings wirelessly while the S.BUS servo is mounted on your car.


System Compatibility T-FHSS SR, T-FHSS, T-FHSS MINI-Z mode, S-FHSS, FASST-C2
Power Requirement Ni-MH battery : NT5F1800B
LiFe Battery : FT2F1100B, FT2F1700Bv2, FT2F2100Bv2
Display 4.3-inch full color touch screen LCD
Left-handed support The wheel can be installed on either side.
External memory microSD
Software Update Available using microSD card
Model Memory 40 models.
A model copy function can create a model memory with different setups.
Integral type dial switch Adopted a switch with both dial(DL1) and push switch(PS6) functions.
Brake mixing for large cars Brake mixing of the front and rear wheels of 1/5 GP and the other large cars can be adjusted independently.
Steering mixing Smooth cornering is possible by the independent left and right steering servo setting.
4WS mixing Used for crawlers and other four-wheel steering type vehicles.
Dual ESCs mixing The front and rear ESC can be controlled independently.
Gyro mixing The sensitivity of Futaba car gyros can be adjusted from the 7PXR.
Tank mixing This function is intended for vehicles such as tanks.
CPS mixing LED lighting and flashing control using our CPS-1 channel power switch can be matched to steering and throttle operation by a switch.
Wireless S.BUS servo setting Futaba S.BUS servo parameters can be set wirelessly.
Throttle speed Excessive triggering on slippery surfaces does not accelerate smoothly, just spin the tires. By setting the throttle speed function,smooth acceleration can achieve easily.
Steering speed If you feel that the speed of the steering servo is too fast,you can adjust it to reduce the maximum operating speed of the servo.
Non-telemetry LED This LED allows you to check the ON / OFF status of the telemetry function for tournaments where the telemetry function is prohibited.
Dial select function Functions can be assigned to digital trims,grip dials, and knobs. The step amount and operation direction can also be adjusted.
Swith select function Functions can be assigned to the five switches. You can also set the operation direction.
Wheel & Trigger position can be changed The wheel position can be offset by using an APA wheel position offset adapter. The wheel angle can also be adjusted. The position of the throttle trigger can be moved forward and backward.
Trigger brake lever replacement Trigger brake lever can be selected from narrow type and wide type.
Trim/dial lock functions Trim and dial settings and operation can be locked.
Vibrator built in to the grip The vibrator can be operated at racing timer lap navigation, time-up, and low battery, telemetry alarm.

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