Work Emotion R-SPEC T7R 7mm Pink Yellow Green [Overdose] OD2722 OD2723 OD2724

Introducing “R-Spec Work Emotion”. the competition specific wheel with the ultimate traction capability. Since having the best traction capability is crucial to win drift competitions. OD successfully developed this ultimate wheel for anyone to gain high traction capability without changing chassis settings.

The racing wheel “WORK EMOTION T7R” which is also used in the Weld Hyakushiki 6 gouki, race in Formula Drift Japan, it is now available with a R-SPEC high traction wheel. The T7R wheel design is realistically reproduced powerful design, such as a smoother disc cross-sectional shape and spoke side than previous XT7 wheel design. A deep taper 7-spoke that combines rigidity and flexibility, in addition to rear traction performance and combines front tracing and rolling performance.
Popular for traction performance and high precision The R-SPEC WORK EMOTION T7R has a bright fluorescent yellow, pink and green color on lineup. Now available in 4 colors with current white color. Enjoy the color coordination according to the body in various combinations. +7mm offset only.

Rims are sold in pairs.