Popular Yokomo DP-302 V4 is now available in PURPLE!

Newly developed Quad System will enable for you to select from 4 different Mode. Whether you are export or newbie, DP-302 V4 Gyro will be perfect for your RC drifiting need!

* Prevent hantching compare to older Gyro

* Soft Mode will be pefect fro Tile / Carpet Surface

* Hard Mode is perfect for beginner or large drift course

* Using Thin aluminium Case compare to older model.

* Gold bevel edge will give you bling factor to your machine!

V4 DP-302 Drift Steering Gyro 1/10 Drift [Yokomo] DPP-302V4

The feature of this products are

1) Thin flat design new aluminum case

2) Capable for 2ch and 3ch transceiver

3) Selectable steering end point

4) New generation quad system which is 4 selectable mode

[Dual gain control]

Soft/Hard, switchable

Initial sensitivity of the gyro can be selectable in 2 mode

[Dual gain mode]

Normal / Assist, switchable

Driver’s operation priority can be selectable in 2 mode

This gyro will deliver the freedom for all type of RC drifters such as beginners to podium finisher in the world.