This car is discontinued and replaced with the NGE:



This is a rolling chassis kit, does not include electronics.

You need to add a motor, a speed control(esc), a servo, a gyro, battery and more. Photos shown with electronics as sample only.

Scale: 1/10
Overall length:355mm
Track: Front 198mm / Rear:200mm
Gear ratio: approx 12.56
Drive mode: RWD
Weight: approx 490g (Not included rim, tire, bodyshell and EP parts)

* Lightweight CF chassis(High torque force Design ,Thickness: 2mm)
* Beam type CF Upper Deck
* Front & Rear multihole CF shock tower
* Can change two mode of motor
* Three gear transmission
* Included AL gear differential
* High strength plastic gear case
* Integrated Front low arm set(PIN 3mm)
* Short rear lower arm made of AL and CF (Pin 3mm)
* AL front knuckle (KPI adjustable)
* Single-arm fixed type plastic front upper arm
* Included reinforcement plate set for front upper arm
* Extended black titanium plating shock shaft
* Low center of gravity AL rear hub(deviation multihole)
* AL adjustable suspension mount (Included extended rear suspension mount and
short rear arm)
* Can change various layout of battery
* Included rear ESC mount
* Servo direct drive steering system
* Steering system can be swift adjustment.
* 43.5mm Rear CVD
* Six different length body mount
* Full ball bearing
* 7075 AL Clamping Wheel Hub
* 316 steel Limit Arm For Knuckle
* Included 48P 87T spur gear and 48P 18T pinion gear