Undertray Diffuser set w/Adhesive Tape for YD-2 [Yokomo] Y2-001BD

[Front diffuser for YD-2 and YD 4 series]
Greatly improve the front grip and turning performance of the chassis when entering a corner or snapping transitions.
The response of the car to the steering operation becomes more of a direct feeling, and the control of the drift can be carried out as expected.

[Underside diffuser for YD-2 and YD 4 series]
By raising the airflow velocity on the bottom of the chassis and pulling out the rectified air to the rear section of the chassis. The driver can experience the freedom of drift under well controlled chassis characteristics such as
smoothness with controllable stability. It will feel like being stuck to the road surface at a high speed but also epic drifting will still be possible at the same time.

■ By installing the front diffuser, improves the grip around the front, greatly improves the turning performance at corner entry and turnover!
By improving the direct feeling of car body reaction to steering operation, it is possible to control drift more as you wish.
■ By installing the under diffuser, you can feel the ground feeling that sticks to the road surface by raising the flow velocity on the lower surface of the chassis and pulling out the rectified air to the rear part of the car body.
With smooth and controllable stability and improved vehicle speed, we are achieving powerful drift driving.
■ The attached double-sided tape makes mounting easy and speedy.