Translucent Colored RED BLUE SMOKE SILVER ESC Wire Cable (48cm) [Tetsujin]

These cables help set your build apart from the rest. Get creative and add wireloom a even more extreme build!

· Specifications: famous manufacturer products OFC power cable

· Maximum projected current: 45 A

· Sheath heat resistant temperature: 106 ° C

· Conductor: OFC diameter 0.12 mm × 238 pieces

Multiple twisted structure

· TIN top coat

Outer diameter: 4.5 mm

・仕様 : 有名メーカー品 OFCパワーケーブル

・最大企画電流 : 45A

・シース耐熱温度 : 106℃

・導体 : OFC  直径 0.12mm×238本



・外径 : 4.5mm