This HUGE full car vinyl decal set from Overdose is an exact replica of their infamous Cresta (1/10 size). This gives you decals for all panels of the car. Includes a silver hood with HAMBURGER graphics embedded in.


Very popular Team Weld Cresta body with graphic decals. “I want to finish with this graphic even for bodies other than Cresta! “We decided to respond to the many requests that we will start selling separately. Each graphic decal is exquisite size that fits most 1/10 scale touring car body. Easy to finish by anyone by adopting a flexible material regardless of the ease of sticking. In addition, you can finish it in a more lucid atmosphere by using Sponsor Decal. Ichiban machine, Red Dragon, Hamburger, Sponsor logo are released at the same time. Since there are limited quantities, please order as soon as possible.