S13 Silvia Coupe 240SX Headlight (BRICK) Light Kit Buckets (LED ready) [D’Magic] DM4-100

This finished head light kit gives your Silvia the Brick housings nobody does. These are already painted and ready for immediate use.

Just use tape, Shoe Goo, or double-sided tape to affix this to your body. This was  designed to perfectly fit the S13 Coupe.

Many people have successfully used this part on other brand bodies.

It is a new model compatible product of D’magic original accessory parts that has gained popularity.
Each reflector part is carefully painted one by one by hand using an airbrush etc etc.
I made a completely new design regardless of the details of various fine shapes, as well as the ease of installation.

■ Description of item ■ 
This product is a detail up parts for 1/10 S13 Silvia. 
We developed a concept of easy dressing up of a drift system body. 
The main body has been finished with paint finish, painting to the lens part is unnecessary and easy design. 
It can also be used as a light bucket when reproducing genuine tail by painting, with genuine wind reflector arrangement. 
LED mounting hole (for 3 mm) Since it has been processed, it is easier to install electric decoration. 
Tail part body: made of urethane resin (detail painted)