Billet 6061-T6 Aluminum Heat Sink Housing
 NEW FET Package

 NEW HD Easy Solder Posts

 Optional Shroud and High RPM Cooling Fan
 3rd Channel Input for On-The-Fly Drag Brake Adjustments <<setup>>

 QuickTune™ One Touch Programming
 Adjustable Torque Control *
 Adjustable Throttle and Brake Frequencies *

 HD High Voltage Programmable BEC *
 HotWire™ Programming Port *

 On-the-fly Drag Brake Adjustment
 Data Logging Capability *
 Sensor Checker
 On-Board Temperature Indicator

 ESC Self Diagnostics with Error Codes
 Fully Proportional Forward/Brake/Reverse

 Brushless and Brushed Motor Drive

 Sensored or Sensorless Operation

 LiPo Safe with Custom Voltage Cutoffs

 Sensor Plug for Precise Commutation

 HDAC: High Density Copper PCB’s
 Ultra-smooth and Precise Throttle and Braking Control

* requires HotWire™ sold separately.


 DB – Drag Brake (13 steps)

 BS – Brake Strength (13 steps)

 LM – Torque Limiter (7 steps)

 NW – Neutral Width (13 steps)

 TP – Timing Profiles 5 Preset – 2 Custom*

 MT – Motor Type

Brushless Modes – FWD Only / FWD-REV / FWD-REV Delay / FWD-REV Delay REV Motor Direction

Brushed Modes – FWD Only / FWD-REV / FWD-REV Delay

 VC – Voltage Cutoff : 2S, 3S, Custom*