RPX II D (Drift Spec) Brushless Electronic Speed Control ESC [Yokomo] BL-RPX2D

*This ESC does not come soldered at all. BUT includes black wiring for you to use. RPX2 and RPX2D are the same esc, the D has drift settings pre programmed in as well as the drift logos on the esc. You should be able to configure each one the same.

By adopting special grade of top grade FET and low resistance power supply, it suppresses heat generation and realizes the strongest power feeling and stability in the history of drift ESC. Team Yokomo has conducted preliminary tests on courses all over the world, pre-installed drift-only program decided! You can enjoy drifting with the best feeling as soon as you install it on the machine. Please enjoy the unique control performance which linearly links the rise of power and the grip feeling, especially with the output setting of ESC which emphasizes traction?

Case size: 32.9 x 34.6 x 19.6 mm
Weight: 44 g
BEC: 6 A / 6 V, 7.4 V

RPXII Speed Controller Set-up sheet BLANK(Editable)!01!SETTING_SHEET/!103!BL-RPXII_Speed_controller/BL-RPX2_Setup_Blank_Editable.pdf

■By using only premium grade matched FET’s with super low internal resistance that helps suppress heat generation, we acquired the strongest power handling so far. Giving the greatest feel and stability in the history of drift specific ESC’s
■ Team Yokomo found the best set up based on test results from various types of track layouts and surfaces. Once installed on your chassis you can use this as a base setting.
■ Carefully selected ESC output modulation on initial throttle inputs to enhance traction, providing an unique control advantage on low grip surfaces.

The new features on RPXII are,

■ Made with the highest grade FET and low resistance power supply to prevent from high heat and achieves unexperienced power and stability at the same time.

■ Equipped with ATH (auto throttle function), with simplified ESC setting in stock class.

■ Optimum and efficient boost adjustment is possible according to the throttle of the transmitter.

■ With the frequency adjustment function, according to the driver & track situation, throttle / brake feeling setting can be adjusted.

■ It adapts to various kinds of racing conditions, with the RPXII now it is possible for the individual setting of Brake response mode and PWM / Brake frequency.

■ New installation of the voltage limit function suppresses/manage the feeling change from the start to the end of the race.

■ Full aluminum case with cooling vent & high power 30mm cooling fan, provide the best cooling performance, eliminating loss of the performance because of heat