RED / PURPLE AGILE LUXON Brushless Motor for 1/10 RC CAR – 13.5T 10.5T [ACUVANCE]



World’s first RC motor equipped with [MFCS]

Conventional brushless motors change the magnetic force by changing the distance between the rotor and the motor tube depending on the rotor diameter, resulting in a “rotation
type” or “torque type” characteristic. However, since changing the rotor diameter increases or decreases the volume and weight of the rotor itself, there is a problem in that the motor balance changes
even before the characteristics of “rotation type” and “torque type”. [AGILE] has succeeded in changing only the motor characteristics with the optional rotor having the same diameter and volume by installing [MFCS]. (For this reason, the engraving on the rotor shaft is not the conventional rotor diameter, but the “LV value” indicating the rotation type and torque type.) This may impair the balance of weight, moment, etc. of a standard motor set to the optimal value . It is now possible to change to a “rotation type” or “torque type” instead.

A sharp design with a simple line configuration that exudes high quality and high combat power.

The machined aluminum case features a unique porous structure and boldly cut cooling holes to achieve high efficiency and cooling performance.

Customizable body color

AGILE’s exclusive Transform (TF) jacket, which allows you to freely customize the coloring of the upper/bottom case and end bell, is available as an option.

You can create originality that matches the installed chassis and driver’s preferences.

Equipped with original new [Tri-Blade] machined from aluminum

The rotor blade that generates airflow inside the motor has been made larger and lighter.

It has both higher cooling capacity and rotational performance.

Adoption of large diameter bearings

A large diameter type (outer diameter 12.700mm / inner diameter 4.762mm) is used for the front bearing to improve rotational stability and durability.

Adopts dual sensor connector

Adopts a dual sensor connector system with two sensor connectors.

By placing the connectors in different directions, the degree of freedom in layout has been increased.

Expanding the advance angle adjustment range using the slip WAY method

Expanded the advance angle adjustment range to 55°.

Achieved even higher speed.

Shortening motor case length

Motor case length shortened by 1.5mm (compared to our company).

The degree of freedom of vehicle installation has been increased.

Terminal connector installed

A connector (OP-87513) is already installed at the factory.

This eliminates the need for soldering work on the terminals, which can cause failures, and reduces blowouts caused by heat conduction.

Adopts hexagonal type for all screws

We have adopted hexagonal type screws, which are the most frequently used when assembling RC cars.


EAR RATIOGear ratio reference value


Please select the appropriate gear ratio by referring to the standard values in the table below. However, these values are for reference only, and the optimal gear ratio will vary depending on the performance of the ESC, machine settings, course characteristics, etc., so please determine the appropriate value while checking the amount of heat generated by the ESC and motor.

On-road technical course [7.2-7.4V] 6.6:1 6.2:1 5.0:1 4.8:1 4.4:1 3.5:1 3.2:1
On-road technical course [6.0V] 6.0:1 5.6:1 5.2:1 5.0:1 4.6:1 3.7:1 3.4:1
Off-road 2WD 9.5:1 9.0:1 8.5:1 8.1:1 7.4:1 6.7:1 5.8:1
Off-road 4WD 8.6:1 8.2:1 7.8:1 7.5:1 6.5:1 5.6:1 5.0:1
off road truck 7.3:1 7.0:1 6.7:1 6.3:1 5.5:1 4.6:1 4.2:1



Input voltage (V) 4.8~11.1
KV(rpm/V) 4,920 4,360 3,950 3,620 3,100 2,310 1,910
Power (W) * 390 350 320 290 250 200 150
Efficiency (%) * 91 92 92 92 92 92 92
rotor type Sintered φ12.3mm (neodymium magnet) LV30
Coil winding method star winding