Racing Performer Ultra Teflon Oil [Yokomo] RP-106

ULTRA Teflon oil contains PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), a fluororesin with the lowest coefficient of friction, and is highly compatible with both resin and rubber parts. It is most suitable for the gear drive section around the differential, which is the movable part where the resin parts and metal parts come into contact with each other, and the working part of the suspension. Also, due to its good compatibility with rubber products, by applying a thin coating on the oil shock shaft, the frictional resistance with the O-ring can be reduced, and a smoother damper operation can be obtained.
It is a needle nozzle type container, so it is easy to lubricate even small parts. As Teflon oil precipitates components, shake well before use before use. 

Contains 8ml.