BL-R100 Drift Spec ESC [Yokomo] BL-R100D

It is a special version “DRIFT SPEC” equipped with a program dedicated to drifting on the R100, which is popular for its smooth throttle feeling.
DRIFT SPEC, which has characteristics that match RWD drift cars, optimizes the throttle feeling for drift driving, and also reviews the delay time when shifting from braking to back operation by throttle operation, making it even easier to use for drift driving. ..
Of course, if you use the dedicated programmer R26P together, you can freely change the feeling. It is possible to bring out the optimum characteristics according to the driving conditions and the driver’s preference.

R100 with a compact design that best matches the stock category. The aluminum housing contributes to a lower center of gravity with a height of approximately 12.3 mm, and does not impair the kinetic performance of the machine. The weight is as light as about 22g, which makes it easy to adjust the left-right balance of the machine. Program changes can also be made with detailed menu settings. It is a competition specification that gains an advantage in severe stock category races.

Please use the dedicated programmer R26P to change the program.

-BEC : 4A 6V/7.2V
-Peak current : 380A
-Motor Limited : over 10.5T
-Case size : 30×30.5×12.5mm