Spaz Stix – Color Changing Paint -Orange / Purple / Teal – 05209

Spaz Stix Color Changing paint is the perfect solution. Our paint offers a “chameleon effect” which brings out a new color at every angle. When used in natural sunlight the colors are shifted even more than normal!

Many people have used this to achieve colors that cannot be purchased by spray a can of paint. The color shift paint changes the way it looks depending on the color of paint being used with it.

For example, if you use a can of paint that is green and yellow pearl color shifting paint, and you decide to back it with green. The green may disappear into the green paint leaving you with only a visible yellow pearl or vice versa.



SpazStix Info:
Recommended Backer Color:
SZX00110 High Gloss Black backer 2oz Airbrush or SZX00119 3.5oz Aerosol

Use Spaz Stix Surface Pre Prep (SZX90050 or SZX90059) before painting to keep paint jobs- swirl and fingerprint free.
Spaz Stix Change Color paint’s will appear lightly colored at first and build in intensity with additional coats.
To optimize Color Change effects for interior plastic applications apply 2-3 light coats of Spaz Stix Black/Backer (SZX00110 or SZX00119) behind the Color Change paint.