Nissan 180SX LOW PRO / Lazy Eye Headlight / Euro Taillight Light Buckets TAIL HEAD Assemblies [D-Craft] YS11

○Light parts round corner type
○Euro tail parts
○Blinker parts

○A set of “half-eye light parts”, “Eurotail”, and “turn signal parts” for Yokomo 180SX. 
○In addition to the 4 round lights, the round corner type has been renewed and revived!
○The round type has 4 5mm LED lights, and the round square type has 5mm outer and 3mm inner LEDs (can be changed to 5mm).
○The Euro tail is also made more realistic with chrome painting and 4 3mm LED lights (this can also be changed to 5mm)!
○The turn signal parts are also chrome painted and have 3mm LED specifications (this can also be changed to 5mm).
○It is very easy to decorate the lights as long as you mask the tail lens and turn signals.

*These were originally designed for the Yokomo. Most people use these with other brand bodies.

These feature the realistic front and rear in hand made chrome finish. Give your body the next level of realism.