Mazda RX-7 FD3S A-Spec Touring Body Set [ABC Hobby] 66172

Manufacturer: ABC HOBBY
Part Number: 66172
Size: 197mm

This long anticipated body set has movable retractable headlights. (You can make it movable easy)
No parting line with body shape. (Real finish)
Real lens cutting pattern.
2 type of tail lenses design (Early and Mid).

Comes with super realistic 3D look because panels are separate.

Random sports car Anfini RX-7 a long-awaited modeling! The third generation RX-7 reproduces models called type 3 and 4.
In order to faithfully reproduce the glamorous body line which is the feature of RX – 7 (FD 3 S), the front and rear bumpers were divided, and the front / rear bumper was given a three – dimensional effect. Moreover, by making the rear tail a triple structure, it reproduces the same depth as the actual car. The tail light can be selected from three types of initial type of integral type and late type. Headlights can be closed and open, and it is possible to retractable by using commercially available piano wires (0.8 mm – 1.0 mm).
The light lens uses ABC Hobby’s proprietary MEM technology and has become a very real knowledge.

Includes: Window Masks, Light Masks, Printed Exterior Trim/Accessories Decals, Light Buckets(Lexan) *ONLY

Photos might show body accessories such as metal/carbon wings, metal exhaust tips, etc which are NOT included with this body.

You will need to paint this body yourself