This ultra realistic light kit gives you dual backfire, quad headlights and quad tail lights, you can use the headlight (white colored) for foglights, high beams, and headlights.  You can select full or half power headlights. The headlights have a special coating for light diffusion. You won’t have blinding headlights.

The brake lights are on half power and gets bright when you apply brakes just like a real car. You can have the brakes flash a couple times or constant.

The realistic backfire provides the next level of scale realism. Backfire grows as you are using more throttle. Color variation changes like a real car.

After 30 seconds of inactivity, the headlights will turn off to conserve power, just like in real life when you turn off your headlights. Headlights feature glow on effect to simulate HID/LED.

This light kit is ultra light weight, simple design, and the wires are stealth black. Makes it easy to install. The light kit is made for a 1/10 size car. Main controller should be installed towards the rear of the car. You can cut off or tape up the extra lights you are not using.

*You might need an extension or Y splitter for easy installation.
You can also run dual ESC mode if you radio equipment supports it.

Tested with SANWA and FUTABA Radios. Should work with most brands.