High Performance Suspension Oil Shock Fluid #10 #15 #20 #25 #30 [Overdose]

Shock oil for RC cars developed jointly with Wako Chemical. This is the ultimate shock absorber oil that balances many performances required for RC cars at a high level.
[Main features]
-It has a damping characteristic that rises linearly with piston speed, making it possible to respond to a wide range of road conditions and driving.
・ Because of low friction compared to silicone oil, it realizes extremely smooth shock movement even at very low speed range.
・ By raising the viscosity change to temperature change to the same level as silicone oil, it is possible to always secure stable damping characteristics.
・ Since the volume expansion rate in the cylinder is low, stable damping characteristics can be always obtained even when used for a long time.
-Low aggressiveness to oil seals (X rings, etc.) and little swelling, so it can maintain a constant condition over a long period of time.

和光ケミカルと共同開発したRC カー専用ショックオイルです。RC カー用として求められる多くの性能を高次元でバランスさせた究極のショックアブソーバーオイルです。
・シリコンオイルに比べ ローフリクションである為、微低速域でも極めてスムーズなショックの動きを実現します。
・オイルシール(X リング等) への攻撃性が低く、膨潤も少ないので長期に渡り一定のコンディションを維持できます。