Flex MG Stealth Magnet Mount Body Post-Less Kit (FRONT REAR) [Wrap Up Next] 0037-03 0037-05 other kits as well, but are specifically made for Wrap Up Next STEALTH MOUNTS


  • Strong neodymium magnet to mount in the body. connected to a seed head on the chassis body post.
  • The spherical structure improved the holding force and can be used for any hood angles.
  • Superb holding contact area

These magnet mount kits are one of the best on the market. The design and quality will ensure your body stays on best as possible.

The front is adjustble(threaded) and attaches with a simple body pin. The rear has a spacer that can be used in different ways to mount the base magnet. You can add spacers to raise or lower the magnet.

Most people use hot glue, double sided tape or even shoegoo to mount the magnets onto the body.

We also carry MORE magnets(for future bodies) here: