FGr4B 4-Channel Micro Mini Receiver for NB4 [FLY SKY] FGr4B


Product Designation: FGr4B
Compatible transmitters: all AFHDS 3 transmitters and RF Modules (PL18, Paladin EV, NB4, NB4 Lite, etc.)
Model Type: Car/boat etc
PWM Channels: 4
RF: 2.4GHz
Protocol: AFHDS 3
Antenna: Dual Antennas

Input Power: 3.5-9V
Data Output: PWM/PPM/i.BUS out/S.BUS
Temperature Range: -10℃ to +60℃
Humidity Limit: 20%-95%
Online Update: Yes

Dimensions: 17*29*16mm

Weight: 6.4g

Certification: CE,FCC ID:N4ZFGR4B000

1. Press and hold the receiver BIND button [5] while powering on the receiver ,release the BIND button after receiver is powered on or powering on the receiver first, press and hold the BIND button 3 seconds , the LED [7] on the receiver will flash rapidly;
2. Put the transmitter into bind mode;
3. The binding process is complete when the LED on the receiver stops flashing and is on continuously.
If a transmitter that has had its radio frequency (RF Standard) set to “AFHDS3 1 way” (please refer to your transmitter user manual)
enters bind mode, the receiver LED will instead flash slowly. Exit bind mode on the transmitter and if the receiver LED stops flashing and is on continuously, the binding process is complete.
4. Check to make sure the transmitter and receiver functions are working correctly, repeat steps 1 to 3 (binding process) if any problems arise.