Aizu Micron Masking Tape

This specialized tape comes on an easy to use spool. The masking is perfect for fine details such as body lines, door jams, trunk and hood gaps. Some people even outline headlights, taillights, and door handles to bring their bodies to the next level.

This tape goes on and off really easy. There is no bleeding like traditional masking tape you might find from your local office or hardware store.

They offer a wide variety of widths to bring true realism to your build.

Available in different sizes:

Width 0.4mm X length 8m

Width 0.7mm X length 8m

Width 1.0mm X length 5m

Width 1.5mm X length 5m

Width 2.0mm X length 5m

Width 2.5mm X length 5m

Made in Japan

Here’s a sample of how to use the tape