AGFRC 2000uF Mini RC Capacitor – 16V Non Polarity Low Impedance [AGFRC] CNP2000C


2000uF 16V Non-Polar Compact Size Aluminum Case High Frequency Low Impedance 10.4g Mini Competition Racing Capacitor Module Box CNP2000C For RC Car

New release the low impedance capacitor module with 2000uF high capacity.  AGFRC CNP2000C comes with high precision CNC machining aluminium case for excellent heat dissipation. Ultra-small size and light weight , ideal for mini scale car, touring car and drifter. With a maximum voltage of up to 16V this helps with voltage spikes or use with HV batteries. With its non-polar feature, it is more safe and convenient for operation. Each cord attaches to the battery positive/negative connection terminal on the ESC or receiver.


* Compact Size and Super Light Weight

* Fast Cooling Aluminum Protection Case 

* Low Internal Resistant 

* 2000uF High Capacity

* Compatible with 16V High Voltage

* Non-Polar Feature for Long Performance Life and Safety In Use


Model Name: CNP2000C

Dimension: 25.4*18.3*7mm

Weight: 10.4g

Capacity: 2000uF

Max Voltage: DC 16V