Pandora jumps into the 3D Decal sheets and produces a really nice realistic scale. These will be perfect for you roof, hood, trunk, fender flares and more! This will be A SUPER COOL CRAWLER DECAL AS WELL!

Product name: 3D checkered steel plate Decal
Model number: VGP-608
JAN Code: 4560452086084
  • It is a real 3D design with unevenness on the surface checker.
  • It is a general-purpose product, please cut according to various sizes and shapes
  • Sheet size: 210 mm x 120 mm

商品名:3D 縞鋼板 デカール / チェッカープレート (3D Checkered steel plate Decal)
  • 表面チェッカーに凹凸のある、リアルな3Dデザインです。
  • 汎用品です、いろいろな大きさ・形に合わせてカットして下さい
  • シートサイズ:210mm x 120mm