This setup is for a complete(left and right) car. It will give you buckets and lenses as well as the pivoting part for both sides.

Some people have attached SERVOS to make it move on demand, others have fixed it so they’re always up, or half up.

Choice is yours, the units are great quality and super affordable.

This is originally designed for the Yokomo 180sx Street body. MANY people has used these on popular brands such as ABC or Pandora.

○ Retractable headlights resin cast.
○ 5 mm LED specification
○ Littoral in pursuit of realism can be opened!
Headlight multi-reflector 5 mm LED specification.
○ Light body and attachment-based degradable.
○ Littoral is at an angle of favorite Set Screw
Can also be fixed.
○ 400 for opening and closing bar – can also be opened and closed by the servo 3CH You can use the!
(Pillow ball and servo ball end etc. is required.)

※ cut side of the body is required to install a Retractable headlights.