The Super Drift Championship 2022 USA Drift King – Alfredo Chan III (Tech 1 Drift)

Presenting the 2022 Super Drift Championship 2022 USA Drift King, Alfredo Chan III (Tech 1 Drift).
This has been a long time coming, not only Alfredo earning the title, but this article as well. The article was delayed for a multitude of reasons, but it does not change the fact that Alfredo is the reigning Super Drift Championship USA Drift King!

The Super Drift Championship 2022 USA Drift King – Alfredo Chan III

The Super Drift Championship Series for 2022 had been the most exciting yet. With everyone leveling up their skill, the driving for the 2022 season was nothing short of amazing. This seems to be said every year, but every year it holds true. R/C Drift in the USA is growing and with that it’s normal to see vast improvements every step of the way. In the end, there can be only one USA Drift King, and that title belongs to Alfredo Chan III of Team RAZR / Tech 1 Drift.

One of many podium finishes in the NorCal SDC2022 Region!

This season, Alfredo was coming in hot off a 2nd Place Finish in the Super Drift Championship Series 2021 Season. So it was obvious he was hungry for the title this time around.

2022 Season SDC2022 had 7 regions participating this season, each sending their best drivers to the SDC2022 Finals here at Super-G R/C Drift Arena. Super-G (Los Angeles), Limited Traction (San Jose), Slidelines R/C (Las Vegas), RC Fight Club (Seattle), Team Saiko (Honolulu), Dori Lounge (Longwood), and Team Bubble Milk (Phoenix) hosted their regionals for the season.

NorCal hosted by Limited Traction – Alfredo’s chosen Home Region for the 2022 Season

NorCal Home Region for 2022
As many know, Alfredo travels to many different areas to compete. For 2022, Alfredo visited NorCal, SoCal, and Las Vegas to compete. Since each competitor can have only one home region, Alfredo chose the NorCal Region for the 2022 season. This put him up against the best drivers NorCal had. After a long, hard fought season, Alfredo finished 2nd overall in the NorCal Regionals.

R/C Drifter Alfredo has been in the R/C Drift game a long long time. He has been R/C Drifting since 2005. Not many remember those days, but that was back when you had to make your own tires and figure out how to make this all work. Back then it was all about finding a Touring Car chassis, putting some tape on your tires, or making some from PVC, and trying to make it look like real drifting. Alfredo says it was really cool watching the scene evolve from the days of 50/50, Counter Steer, and finally to Rear Wheel Drive. With this type of history under his belt, it’s no wonder he’s the reigning USA Drift King.

Alfredo’s Team – Tech 1 Drift at the Super Drift Championship 2022 USA Finals in Los Angeles

Team Founder
In 2011, Alfredo, along with his father, Alfredo Jr. they created a R/C Drift Team, Tech 1 Drift. At the moment, in addition to their California Tech 1 Drift chapter, they also have a Las Vegas and Arizona chapter.

RAZR Perfomance YD2, Futaba CT700 Servo, Futaba GYD550 Gyro, Acuvance Xarvis XX ESC, and Acuvance Agile Motor – Alfredo’s Winning Setup!

Alfredo’s weapon of choice for the 2022 Season was a Team RAZR YD2, powered by: Acuvance Xarvis XX ESC, Acuvance Agile motor, Futaba GYD550 Gyro, Futaba CT700 Servo, and HRC NERD equipped dampers. Alfredo’s sponsors for the season – RAZR Performance, Skyhunter Hobby, FusedRC, and GGT.

The Final Battle – Alfredo Chan III (L), Justin Wilming (R)

As we approach The Finals for 2023, Alfredo has been driving well. As with any past champions, all eyes are on him. Of course he is the man to beat as the 2023 Finals quickly approaches. The title of Super Drift Championship USA Drift King 2022 is well deserved, but not surprising with Alfredo’s long history of Drift.

Congratulations Alfredo Chan III and Tech 1 Drift! The reigning Super Drift Championship 2022 USA Drift King!!!