December 14, 2021

It was an interesting day. I was meeting with Joe over lunch and we were discussing radio systems. Specially, how far things have advanced, and how I feel the 7PXR is about as perfect as it can get for what we do (R/C Drift). We knew the 10PX was on it’s way, so the topic was really us wondering if they could improve it, or was it going to be more of the same with an aesthetic change / improvement. We couldn’t really think of anything they could change to make it better, but knowing Futaba and using their products for the past 30 something years, I believed they had something up their sleeve to make me want to change.

The All New Futaba T10PX Radio and the new R404SBS-E Receiver

Why Futaba In The First Place?
Being in the position I’m in, I have the luxury of having access to just about any radio system available. I always try the newest products that come through our doors, but I have always gone back to Futaba. Recently, they have focused on bringing products and features that us Drifters want and need, and they have really changed the game. Their GYD550 Programable Gyro is a dream come true for any experienced tuner who knows what they want from a gyro. It really is next level. The CT700 and CT500 servos are fully programable, and are spec’d out to be able to mimic all the servos available for drift at the moment. At the same time, they can also achieve what none of the others can. What really pushes Futaba above the rest is the ability to program their Gyro and Servos on the fly, directly from the remote. In addition, they have partnered up with Acuvance and give you full access to the Xarvis and Xarvis XX ESCs through the remote as well. This gives you full control over all your electronics quickly and on the fly. I find this feature invaluable, and using my phone to change the tune on my ESC is hardly quick and simple when compared.

Just when you thought the looks couldn’t get better than the 7PXR – The Futaba T10PX!

The Looks
Right away I noticed the 10PX has a more streamlined appearance. The top of the transmitter looks a lot less “bulky” and almost resembles having a cel phone stuck to the top. It’s only fitting since it has a nice color touch screen on it. Futaba has also added a few more buttons and switches which makes sense since it’s now 10 channel. Of course they are all top quality, something exclusive to their top of the line models.

Futaba T10PX – Feels good in the hand. Balanced, Light Weight, Ergonomically Friendly

The Feel
This is where Futaba always seems to excel for me. Their products always seem to feel really good in the hand. The 10PX is no exception and ends up feeling even better than the last model. The feel is more balanced (how is that possible) and Futaba has now added the ability to adjust the tilt on the trigger, in addition to the normal positioning. Of course they kept the option of switching the wheel location for the left handed drivers, as well as drop-down wheel positioning. 

The Major Changes
So this is what we have all been wondering about. To answer my initial question of “What can they change to make it better?” Or more specifically, what could they do to make me want to change? I have to say Futaba has done a lot. The aesthetics aside, the functionality has been greatly improved. It is to the point where I would upgrade without question.

Menus – No more clutter, very organized and intuitive. Overall a huge improvement on an already good system.

Menu Structure – For those who have the 7PX / 7PXR, we all know there are a ton of settings. We scroll through what is maybe 5 pages of settings, and although we can customize them to be more convenient, we still end up scrolling through all of them at sometime or another. I have never complained about it, in fact, I appreciate the fact we have access to all these various controls and settings. NOW with the 10PX, all those pages of settings are separated into like categories and they fit within 2 pages. It’s a similar feeling to having a bunch of papers all mixed up and thrown into a box, and now someone went through and organized everything into folders for you. It’s quick, intuitive, and most of all simple.

Hot Keys – The big one for me is the addition of 3 additional easy access Hot Keys (The Home Key can still be programmed as well). I have always been a fan of setting my Home Key to take me directly to my ESC settings. It’s one of my most used functions, but not my only often used functions. My Gyro and Servo settings are something I access often as well. With the addition of 3 more Hot Keys, I can now assign each one for the 3 settings I use. After one session, I am spoiled and scrolling through all the menus seems so inefficient now. If for nothing else, this is by far the best addition in my opinion.

Game Port – The 10PX also has a game port so for all you gamers out there, if you want to become even more comfortable with your transmitter, you can connect to your computer and get your practice on away from the track.

How Does It Drive
That’s the real question. If you are asking in general, it is amazing! The weight, the balance, the adjustable tension on both the throttle and steering, I don’t think you can ask for better. If you are coming from a 7PX or 7PXR, you will feel right at home. The 10PX has that same familiar feel the top of the line Futaba’s always possess, with the precise control the top drivers around the world choose time and time again.

New Gauges
If you are like me, you can appreciate the information you get from the Telemetry System. I use this constantly to monitor my Motor Temp, ESC Temp, and Motor RPM. (any other is just icing on the cake) Futaba has now given us 3 additional gauge styles to choose from, just upping the game that much more.

The New Futaba R404SBS-E Receiver – Right at home with the big dogs in the game, Futaba GYD550 Gyro and Futaba CT700 Servo

The Verdict
Coming from someone who wasn’t ready to leave their current setup, I am excited to jump to the next stage in Futaba’s evolution of surface systems. The ease of use, range of settings, refined user interface, added comfort adjustments, and the addition of hot keys, proves Futaba has been listening to the community and what they would want in a top remote. The 10PX has far exceeded my expectations and has introduced me to features I didn’t even know I wanted, but I now feel are necessary. Being able to directly program the most advanced gyro (Futaba GYD550), the top servos (Futaba CT700/CT500), and arguably the top ESCs available, the Acuvance Xarvis and Xarvis XX, it is clear the Futaba 10PX is the pinnacle of performance for the R/C Drift World. What else is left to say?


See You On The Track!