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Yokomo Drift Pacakge (Type C) + Yokomo RWD Conversion Kit.
This is one of the most popular routes to go when first getting into R/C Drift. There is no arguing with Yokomo quality and their Drift Package line has been going strong for over 10 years. Yes, the same basic chassis design for 10 years!!! This is the more expensive of the 3 we are reviewing in this entry. People who chose this route usually want quality and a clear path for upgrading. This chassis is the most supported chassis for the after-market segment of R/C Drift. Most upgrades are universal, but whenever there is a chassis specific upgrade, the Drift Package is usually included in the line-up. There are even full chassis conversion kits which require a Yokomo Drift Package to complete the build. This chassis comes All Wheel Drive standard (50/50), but with the addition of the RWD Conversion Kit, it becomes a full on RWD chassis.
**We have chosen the Drift Package Type C over the Drift Basic due to the fact the kit comes with actual oil-filled shocks (instead of spring holders) and a unique rear suspension setup which allows more precise adjustment.

Build Quality – Although you may hear the Drift Package comes with a plastic tub chassis, don’t let that deter you. The plastic Yokomo uses is really second to none. It is the material all other plastics in the R/C world are compared to. It’s very durable, ridged, and very high quality. The Type C kit comes with full aluminum shocks which explains the higher price, as well as a unique, infinitely adjustable rear hub setup, which allows for very precise adjustment of the rear toe. As always, I am very pleased with the build quality of the Yokomo Drift Pacakge Type C. Without any upgrades, you should be good to go.

**RWD Conversion Kit – This is a necessary addition to the Yokomo Drift Package kit to run RWD. There are two kits available, Plastic and Aluminum. Both kits are identical with the exception of : Upper Control Arms, Front Shock Tower, Rear (Front) Suspension Mount. The Plastic version provides these parts in plastic, the Aluminum kit provides them in Aluminum. The Aluminum kit provides more adjustment for the UCA. More mounting points and Caster Adjustment. Price difference is about $50, Aluminum being the more costly of the two.
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Out of the box impressions – I have always been a fan of the amount of adjustment Yokomo gives you. The Type C with the RWD Conversion Kit is no exception. I was very excited and had high expectations of the out of the box performance, since Yokomo was very specific with lengths of the links and which holes to use. Well, I was able to get around the track, but there was definitely some tuning needed to make this a well performing car. That was not really an issue, but it would have been nice if it was decent since I took the time to follow exactly what Yokomo specified. Then again, it is a 10+ year old design which has a conversion kit.

Performance – As with all the chassis we build, I spent a good amount of time with the Yokomo Drift Package with the Aluminum RWD Conversion. I was able to tune it to my satisfaction without any additional upgrades. One thing that can be said about this kit is, with no upgrades, it can be tuned to be a winning setup.

What we have observed – The Yokomo Drift Package Type C with the Yokomo RWD Conversion Kit (Either Plastic or Aluminum), it takes some tuning and know-how to really get this chassis dialed. Once it’s set up correctly, it’s definitely a top performer. Beginners and experts have had good luck with this chassis, but be prepared to put in some tuning time. If you are new to R/C in general, beware, tuning is not as simple as one may think.

Recommended – Although we have seen beginners through experts have great success with this chassis, I would tend to recommend it to the intermediate to expert R/C Drifter. That’s not to say the beginner should not consider this chassis, it’s simply due to the fact that it will definitely take some work to get it working satisfactorily. If you are the type who enjoys shopping for upgrades, this is a great platform. The price is also the highest of the 3 chassis we are featuring, so keep in mind, with the added cost, the other chassis can be upgraded.

$250 – Yokomo Drift Package Type C
$150 – Yokomo RWD Conversion Kit (Plastic)
$35 – Gyro
$435 – Total (Plus Electronics)


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