As 2021 comes to an end. D-LIKE finally drops their latest RER Version ZERO.

We couldn’t wait so we got ours built within 24 hours!

The green really does compliment the matte carbon and hard anodized parts.
We’ve been running shorty batteries, so we’re going to test ours shorty setup first. We had to install a fresh FUTABA and ACUVANCE setup. We decided to go with the AGILE with the upgraded rotor, the Blaze Cap, and a Xarvis XX. As for the steering and gyro, we went all out with the Futaba CT700 Servo and GYD-550 Gyro. This electronics setup is our favorite choice for most of our cars.

Grab your own RER today! We have limited stock, both black and green are in stock as of Dec 15, 2021.

Electronics seen in photos: