Yokomo Y2-008FSC

Recently I have been all wrapped up in my Yokomo YD-2 SX. I feel the front end is something magical. The new upgraded steering system and the new KPI knuckles work so well together.

The one point that has been bothering me was the fact the stock LCAs that came on the YD-2SX were big and bulky. Unnecessarily bulky in my opinion. I found myself taking the Dremel to them to get the clearance I needed for my setup. They came out with some short plastic LCAs, but I still needed to take a little off the corners and knock off the first Shock Boss. I have been contemplating buying the Yokomo Aluminum LCAs and using our mill to do some good looking modifications to them,  but then a little bird told me maybe I should wait.

Notice the heavy modification I had to do to get the clearance I needed. Yes, I know I can run thicker hubs and lower offset, but this is how I set up my front end it and works well for me. I’ve seen many others doing the same, so I knew I wasn’t alone.

Yokomo has answered our cries for a better solution! The Y2-008FSC Chamfered Front Lower Short A-Arm Set! Talk about CLEARANCE! I was pleased to find they didn’t change up the location of the arm and for the most part the lower shock position I have been using is just hairs off. I would consider it the same.

Now that’s what I’m talking about! Serious clearance. Now if you are into the massive angle thing, Yokomo has you covered. Notice the index marks to help speed up the adjustment process.

After testing, I realized with my original modified LCAs I was still getting a small amount of rubbing.  Now  the front glides even better. Yes, I was a little shocked. A couple key points: No provisions for Up Stops (People refer to them as Droop Screws), They allow more droop than stock, you will have to get creative if you want to duplicate the lower shock position if you use the inner most mount.

Definitely a worthwhile upgrade for the YD-2 line. Even if you aren’t after massive angle, the adjustability, and solid build alone are worth the price of admission.

In stock now here at Super-G R/C Drift Arena and in our Online Store!

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