Wrap Up Next’s newest FRD revision is shipping from their headquarters!

Whats new with the v4.0?

Here’s a translation from their blog.

Wrap-up next new product info!!
Fr-D v4. 0, late December release order.
It has started with the concept of ” real fr cars the first time in the world of the world’s first white racing model fr-D on sale. Fr-D has added a lot of khalifa in addition to the latest ver. 4 and came back.
■ Konpa chibi riti gurafaito mein shāshi
2.5 mm Pure Carbon-carbon specification. Wide-Mecha, and more than one battery layout is achieved by the wide-wide. No, no, no, no.
Other than the de-Paquet, it is also possible to install the KANSAS YD YD-4 / bd7. – we’re going to get a role-in-action.
It can also be used for mounting / Short Britain. (for the FF / RF / RF is straight / fr is a separate line, but it can be used for separate
By -, the response to fr-D / Mr. / Mr-D. In addition to the future, we will add the future to the next generation model to the next-Generation Model.
It was designed to have been built in a field of view.
■ New Design 2 MM Pure Carbon-Upper Deck
Single spec changed to a new design 2 MM Pure Carbon Upper Deck. The Option Battery
Use the holder ol in package types (for short lipoic), and the battery in the fashion
The layout is also available.
■ 2th generation drive mission unit
The 2TH GENERATION DRIVE MISSION UNIT FOR THE 2th generation drive, which has been employed by Mr-D.
The accompanying pinillos is the same as Mr-D, with steel 48 pitch (38 TX 2/18 TX 2).
■ Aluminum Motor Holder ver. 2
The new design of aluminum motor holder. We can do the fitting of the 30 mm size fan.
■ Hybrid wheel wiper ver. 2
The steering unit will take off the trend of the trend, and the control width of the Ackerman’s adjustment width is adopted.
The Windscreen wiper had all the shape to be reviewed, and had more adjustments to be adjusted.
■ Lift up parts attached (Rising Roar Plate & mission post set)
The Motor / mission and gear box, 5 mm, gear box, 4 mm, 4 MM.
The action to induce the a of pitching & role has increased the action of action. At the same time, the mission was an umbrella.
From the bottom of the lower space, the motor wiring has been able to handle the motor wiring.
It is necessary for the performance of the chassis.
A Set of rear-end suspension (for a FF / Britain / Knuckle / Knuckle / turn /)
/ Ball-End-of-the-End-of-the-End-of-the-End-of-the-End-of-the
Shock Center Shaft / de (Lyer) / Mission Mount / Mission Mount / Battery Holder