What is the best chassis?
I see this question asked numerous times across social media. It’s really a loaded question that starts the never ending chassis war. Many people have a personal preference of what they believe is the best. Really, what is the root of the question? What is the person trying to achieve? In my experience people who have asked this question either want a quality product or want to drift better.

I believe every rwd chassis has the potential to be the best. It’s really up to you. My advice is to buy a chassis you feel would bring you the most enjoyment. There is no right or wrong chassis. It’s crazy with the amount of options in the rc drift market. Including conversions for those options. I say get your foot in the door and put down some quality practice. Every driver is different. You might be a savant and pick it up instantly. It might take you a year or longer to figure it out. The key is to just drive. With driving come the mistakes. With mistakes come the questions. With questions come the knowledge. This is how skill is earned, with most, if not all things. Practice. Here’s a great article to help get you started. https://supergdrift.com/so-you-want-to-start-rc-drifting-2/

Above it all have fun. Don’t overwhelm yourself with trying to catch the best drivers or thinking you’re messing everyone up. Most tracks have a track etiquette or rules. As long as you follow that etiquette and focus on your driving you will grow. Hope to see you all out there having fun!

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