Super-G takes a much needed field trip to San Diego to visit our friends at Vertex RC (Yokomo USA). We haven’t been down there since their original grand opening. Luckily Dat just came back from his Miami trip so we were able to hang out with both Josh and Dat!

The new track surface and layout is pretty amazing! The black surface gives the track a super clean look! We were lucky to run with the locals a bit before we left. Seems like around 7pm is when everybody arrives. We had to hit the road by 8:30 and was only able to run a little bit when it was prime time. We will definitely stay till closing next time!

It was awesome to check out the YOKOMO madness! They had all the Yokomo goodies in stock. We even grabbed a few things for ourselves while down there.

We can’t wait to return again and run with everybody. All the drivers were really nice and showed us what lines they were running. Until next time! Wednesdays and Thursdays are the nights to come(we heard). Planning the next trip back already!

(Hard parked at the Vertex Garage)

Vertex RC / Yokomo USA
5595 Magnatron Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92111