A lot of people have asked about which YD2 they should purchase and why? With Yokomo releasing over 14 variations, it can get quite confusing! Especially if you are not certain of what is the same and compatible.

Here’s a brief run down of the models available on the market, and their retail price:

Original YD2 Series (Available at Launch of YD2)
*All the YD2 classics are replaced with the E Line now
– DRIFT PACKAGE YD-2 – 218.00
DP-YD2G – DRIFT PACKAGE YD-2 with GYRO YG-302 – 255.00
DP-YD-2EX – YD-2 EX Chassis KIT- 600.00
Revised YD2 Series (Features Shorter Front A-Arms and Reduced Rear Toe)
– DRIFT PACKAGE YD-2E – 218.00
DP-YD2EG – YD-2E Chassis KIT (with YG-302 gyro) – 255.00
DP-YD2ES – YD-2E Special KIT- 305.00
– YD-2E Plus Chassis KIT – 426.00
DP-YD2EX2 – YD-2 EXII Chassis KIT – 600.00
DP-YD2EXF – YD-2 EX Final Version Chassis KIT – 600.00
Newest YD2 S-Series (4 Gear Laydown Transmission & High Motor Mount)
DP-YD2S –  YD-2S Chassis KIT – 218.00
DP-YD2SG – YD-2S Chassis kit with YG-302 Gyro – 255.00
DP-YD2S-PL – YD-2S Plus Car KIT (CARBON GRAPHITE) – 405.00
– YD-2SX CHASSIS KIT – 600.00

Different Series:

In a nutshell, the original YD2 series featured the regular length front A-Arms and standard low mounting motor plate. As for the new YD2-E Series, it features the newer revised front end which are low scrub and slight changes like reduced rear toe. The E-Series pretty much replaced the original YD2 series, but they’re very similar. The E Series features LCG (lower center gravity).


The S-Series features the greatest change. They all come with the laydown 4 gear transmission, updated lower arms and reduced toe. This new transmission puts the motor on top. This new configuration really makes the S-Series a high traction setup. This VRM setup lets you position your motor 3 ways right out of the box. An upgraded motor mount is available for more positions. This S-Line stands for SPECIALIZED FOR SLIPPERY SURFACE. The lineup features a hybrid type chassis deck. It has plastic side guards and an optional carbon side plate covers. The entire S-Line can ONLY use shorty sized battery due to this design. The revised 4 gear lay down transmission also delivers extra traction.

A lot of people at Super-G are rocking a YD2-S Line car. Almost 99% of all YD2’s at our track are running the S Series. The higher traction chassis is definite a great choice!

Different Models and Editions:

As usual, Yokomo features a few variations of each YD2 line.  The basic model come as a kit. This is the “ALL PLASTIC/BASE” model. You can get into the car for cheap, but there are no upgrades besides turnbuckles. They offer a GYRO version(since most new chassis customers will require one), They always give you a slight price break when you get the Gyro Version vs buying it a la carte.

YD2E (YD2E Base Model) $218
YG-302 Gyro $49
Compared to what comes standard:
YD2EG (Base E Kit & Gyro) = MSRP $255 ($12 Savings)

The savings does not just stop there, Yokomo also offers a “PLUS” Version of all their cars. Although it doesn’t come with a Gyro, it comes with a few cool upgrades. The PLUS features upgraded SLF Big Bore shocks(Metal), Aluminum Front Shock Tower, Carbon Rear Shock Tower, and Carbon Fiber Lower Deck.

YD2S (YD-2S Base) $218.00
Y2-SBBS (SLF Big Bore Shock Set) $79
Y2-017AFE (Front Aluminum Shock Tower for EX/S Series) $45
Y2-018SG (Carbon Graphite Rear Shock Tower for S Series) $25
Y2-002SG (Carbon Main Deck) $120
Compared to what comes standard:
YD2S PLUS Chassis Kit = MSRP $405.00 ($82 Savings)

Now that you see the math, you’ll see why picking a higher tier car is worth while if you can swing it. We’ve recommended people saving a little longer just to move up to the next tier. The YD2SX is definitely the top choice pick. You save a HUGE amount of money in the long run. Everybody ends up upgrading almost everything over time, the YD2-SX comes almost 90% hopped up. There are almost limited edition and special editions which feature various hopups at a savings. These have limited production and are not readily available once they’re sold out.


Here’s the biggest comparison:
YD2S (YD-2S Base) $218.00
Y2-SBBS (SLF Big Bore Shock Set) $79
Y2-017AFE (Front Aluminum Shock Tower for EX/S Series) $45
Y2-018SG (Carbon Graphite Rear Shock Tower for S Series) $25
Y2-002SG (Carbon Main Deck) $120
*******YD2S PLUS*******

Y2-002SB (Carbon Side Plate Covers) $33.50
(Aluminum Front Bulk Head Set) $63

Y2-302AM (Front Upper Arm Holder) $21.60
Y4-203A (Aluminum Servo Mounts) $21.50
Y2-301AC (Adjustable Suspension Mount Kit) $63
Y2-202V (Adjustable Steering Kit) $95
Y2-500GSA (Upgraded Gear Diff) $48
Y2-304S (Special Motor Mount Fan Ready) $32
Compared to what comes standard:
YD2-SX Chassis Kit = MSRP $600 ($264.60 Savings)


If you start with a YD2S and upgrade piece by piece, you will save $82 when you reach the YD2S Plug Level and $264.60 by the time you reach a YD2-SX Level if you had purchased a YD2SX from the beginning.

If you start with a YD2S-Plus and upgrade piece by piece, you will save $182.60 when you reach the YD2SX Level had you purchased a YD2SX from the beginning.

After taking a look at the breakdown, most people can understand why we say the YD2SX is the one. You save $264.60 off buying everything retail(based on the standard model). With the enormous savings, you can purchase the Super-G YD2SX Final Stage kit! It will complete your YD2SX:


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