tat Guppy

On Saturday, March 7, Project-G / Super-G attended the Tuners and Tea meet at Guppy House in Covina. The guys from Dayuum! Nilo and Danny with the help of Kaz, had asked if Super-G would like to put on an RC Drift demo at this particular meet. Of course we were up for it, but since we had not taken it mobile prior to this, we knew it was going to be a new challenge.

tat Setup
We were the first ones there since we wanted to make sure we got a good spot. Katsumi got right to doing another one of his great track layouts which proved to be really fun.

tat PG Shoptat HPI Body
A few of the props we brought out to jazz it up a bit. Since it was a 1:1 car meet, we knew the scale aspect of the hobby would appeal to the people attending the meet.

tat SG Shirt
Joe just being coo, showing off the new Super-G Tee!

tat Crowdtat Track
As expected, the realism of the cars seemed to really catch everyone’s attention. We were exposed to a lot of new faces and people who didn’t even know there was a permanent track locally. We even brought out a few demo cars for people to try out.

tat Victor
A few Super-G Regulars came out to show their support and make the event even better. It’s always a good thing when you have a bunch of people tearing it up and looking sick. Thanks to Jon, SakuraSteve, Tylor, Victor, Oscar, Diego, Kaz, and many more that I can’t remember off the top of my head. (Shown above, Victor’s sick rig! Definitely a crowd pleaser!)

tat PG Miatas
Big thanks to the Purist Group, Dayuum!, for having Project-G / Super-G at your meet. The meet was awesome, the spot you gave us was prime! Everyone had a great time! It was a new venture for us since we have never taken our show on the road. This was the first of many. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported us, and made it a memorable experience.

See you at Super-G!!!