January 13-14, 2018
Tuner Evolution SoCal Weekend!

Tuner Evolution SoCal – East Meets West R/C Dori-Fest
This past weekend the Super-G’s home teams, The RawFew and Team Nanashi teamed up with our NorCal Fam, Limited Traction, Team Bushido,  Speed Junkies, and Tengu Drift,  to set up an awesome drift track at Tuner Evolution SoCal at the Anaheim Convention Center. This was their first show in SoCal and also the season opener for the Car Show Scene.

We didn’t know what to expect since none of us had ever attended a Tuner Evolution Event, but we were all hopeful. Please forgive my lack of photos. This weekend was crazy and there was a lot going on that demanded my personal attention, so I didn’t get to snap as many shots as I would l have liked to.

Saturday Morning we all met up at 9am to start the day setting up what we hoped to be an epic track. This was the first time Super-G and Limited Traction were combining their props and track pieces for a single event. We didn’t know what to expect, but we knew it was going to be something special. Limited Traction had brought down a trailer full just for this event! Since everyone present is familiar with doing events, the setup was quick. After we were done setting up, everyone went to rest up for the Saturday Night Pre-Event Session at Super-G.

At 7pm we opened the gates for our Official Tuner Evolution East Meets West R/C Dori-Fest Pre-Session. All the major players were represented. Super-G R/C Drift Arena was packed with SoCal’s RawFew, Nanashi, 1.10_Drift, Rare Arts USA, Tech 1 Drift, SwiftSuns, Team D-Style, and NorCal’s Limited Traction, Team Bushido, Team Wallride, Speed Junkies, Tengu Drift, Team D.T.F., and CenCal’s Driftwell, and The Shop, and Arizona’s very own O.C.D. Products! (Forgive me if I forgot anyone which I’m sure I have.) EVERYONE’S driving was on point! This was a seriously fun session with Tandem Trains non-stop.

We didn’t get out of there til 3:30am! It was just too much fun banging doors with everyone.

Sunday, the actual event was seriously something not to be missed. If you weren’t here, I’m sorry to say, you missed out on an epic event! The Super-G/Limited Traction booth was on fire all day! I’m sure on average we pulled the largest crowds. Of course when the bikini contest started we got a little thin, but that was only a short amount of time. Ha! The surface was really good, with some good bumpiness to add to the realism. MST Golds seemed to be the ticket for some good bite and good sideways action. Again, all the driving was top-notch.

Our man Miguel from Tuner Evolution surprised us with trophies for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. So we quickly decided the way to determine who’s taking these home was to do a 3 Car Tandem Battle and let the crowd be the judge.

The battles were awesome with each team getting 3 warm up laps and 1 official judged lap.

First place was won by Al – Limited Traction, Erik – Speed Junkies, and Josh – Vertex R/C. Second place – Dennis – Limited Traction, Steve – RawFew, and Ethan – RawFew. Third place – Nick – RawFew, Mark – RawFew, and Kevin – RawFew! Congrats to all the winners! It looks like 3 Man Team Tandems are going to be a thing here on the West Coast, so everyone better step up their Team Tandem Game!

Here’s the RawFew’s very own Ethan. He’s been coming to Super-G for a few months now and is just killin it! He just turned 11 (I think) and can slide with the best of them. We are proud to have him on the team. He did his part to take the win, but unfortunately Dennis and myself were only able to pull a second place win, but a win is a win, right? Expect to see more of Ethan in the future!

We here at Super-G R/C Drift Arena would like to give a huge thank you to everyone who came out to support this event. We hope you all had a great time. I know we did. Keep an eye out for more events like this. It just keeps getting better guys!

Special thanks to: RawFew, Team Nanashi, 1.10_Drift, Drftndm, Rare Arts USA, Limited Traction, Team Bushido, Speed Junkies, Tengu Drift, Team WallRide, Team D.T.F., Tech 1 Drift, SwiftSuns, Team D-Style, DriftWell, The Ship, Vertex R/C, and O.C.D. Products!