This weekend was hectic to say the least, but it was necessary since our Super-G NorCal Family is getting ready to kick off their Super Drift Championship Regionals. They spent the weekend here to learn how to use the Super-G Reply System and also to judge along side of one of the official judges (Myself) for an actual comp. Well a fun comp.

1/25/20 Fun Comp Brackets

Ryno, Brotha AJ, and myself were the judges for the night. We started out with Qualifying. I was pleased to see everyone caught on quickly. By the end of the qualifying round, we were all on the same page. We were within a point or two most of the time. Alfredo Chan III threw down a wicked run and scored a 97/100! Nick Lepisto was second with a solid 96/100, and Mark Santa Cruz was third with another 96/100. Nick had a better secondary score which allowed him to secure second qualifier.

Then it was time for the Tsuiso Battles! Right out of the gate I need to thank everyone who participated. It was invaluable for training purposes. It was a little slow at first, but toward the end everyone fell in line and NorCal was more than able to run the comp without our assistance.

First – Mark Santa Cruz (Team Futaba), Second – Alan Benites (Team Zenshin), Third – Aydin Angulo (Team Zenshin)

Even though it was a very informal Fun Comp, there was still some good battles! In the end, Mark Santa Cruz (Team Futaba/RawFew) laid the smack down and took the Top Podium Position! Alan Benites (Team Zenshin) took a hard fought Second Place. Aydin Angulo (Team Zenshin) locked down Third!

Congratulations to the winners! This was a good warm up for the upcoming Super Drift Championship Series! The driving was on point. If this is any indication of what is in store for this season, it’s going to be insane!

Super Drift Championship SoCal Regionals start February 1, 2020! SEE YOU ALL THERE!!!