Super-G Replay System!

As I mentioned earlier, this comp would prove to be different with the judging. We started using our phones (or other’s) to grab video of the top 8 in our Saturday Night Showdowns. We found being able to go back and review the footage to be invaluable when trying to make the right call. There are some incidents you just need to see again. Sometimes again and again. Was there contact? Was the contact enough to warrant a crash call? Did he hit that Clip? Was he 2 wheels out? Etc.

Even though we have been using phones on the sidelines to capture the action, we felt we wanted to take it to the next level and get some arial footage. Straight down if possible to give the most accurate angle possible. So we set out to find a system that would allow us to accomplish what we felt we needed. We finished installing it Thursday Night, and tried to figure out Friday.

Although we are not very proficient at navigating it at the moment, we were using it the best we could. The run between Kris Steele and Kevin Motter was decided by the use of the Instant Replay System we just installed.

The judges felt Kris just BARELY got the clipping point with his bumper. We reviewed the footage on the phone, and again felt he just barely got it with his bumper passing into the clipping zone. The wrong call could have changed the outcome of the comp completely.

Watch the footage below: