Super-G / RawFew Visits NorCal (Part 3 of 3)
Fatlace RC Drift Garage:

What is there to say about Fatlace that hasn’t already been said? Yes, it is as cool as you have heard, and better than you have imagined. The vibe – that’s what you can’t get from an image online.

The downstairs track layout is awesome! Talk about fun! The feel of the Fatlace RC Drift Garage is bit different than any other RC track I have ever been to. It feels like your favorite hang-out or bar, but you are surrounded by RC Drifters and you can drift. The drift session was an ongoing event the entire night, but there was so much going on on top of that. It is very impressive what Fatlace has pulled off.

I need to stop eating and take more pics. Seriously. Hi Erik!

Andrew had hung back while everyone was at the Limited Traction Drift Arena having a blast, and was slaving away preparing a feast! OMG! Adobo, Tri-Tip (I think) Hotlinks, Rice, Nachos, and Chili!!! The NorCal Fam just knows how to kill it when it comes to food.

Of course we had to get at the Upstairs track! How famous is this spot! It was an honor to finally be able to drift here. It was tight, but definitely driftable. I wish we could have spent more time here, but there was so much to do in such little time. Being a fabricator and having built a few tracks, I know how much work went into this. All I can say is awesome job guys!

To round out our visit, we were lucky enough to go to the other side of Fatlace to purchase some gear straight from thee spot! There was so much cool stuff and Dan’s patience was appreciated. Thanks for everything Dan!

The Wrap-Up:
This trip has confirmed there is a definite connection between us and our NorCal Fam. Every time we get to talking, it’s amazing how many parallels we all experience. Our beliefs also parallel very strongly, even without us ever discussing  them. Grow the community by learning, teaching and sharing the knowledge, keeping the vibe and the talk positive, and keeping the scene fun and drama free.

A huge thank you to Limited Traction and Fatlace (Team Bushido) for hosting and making this past weekend a memorable one. I think I can speak for the team when I say it exceeded our expectations. Your kindness and hospitality are second to none. So from Joe, Nick, Mark, Alan, Jason, and myself, we would like to thank you for the awesome weekend!


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