For those of you who know us on a personal level, this will make a lot of sense. For those who know us from online, this will probably shed some light on Super-G and clarify why you may see Joe and I posting different types of content.

2018 Anniversary Event

Different passions join forces
Since this started out as a hobby, our objectives were a little different than places that open because they see monetary potential. Joe and I both have the desire to create something we have always wished existed. We are Drifters first, so we know what we would want to make the hobby better for ourselves. We try our best to apply this to the way Super-G runs. Rather than to assign roles, we decided the best way to achieve the results we are after is to focus on our strengths. Luckily we both love different aspects of the hobby.

A Wall Of Parts

The Product Enthusiast
Joe by nature is a product enthusiast. He loves the hunt as many of you can relate to. A big part of the hobby for him is to look for the newest, latest product and to get the next thing in his hands. He looks forward to finding the next cool product to bring to the community. What could be a better fit for someone who is in charge of the ordering and purchasing? This is why Super-G is always getting the newest products and why we often times know what is coming before it’s even announced. In addition to actually drifting, this is what he loves about R/C Drift, so it’s a great fit for him. While other people in purchasing are dreading the search, or simply just waiting for the next product official release, Joe is on the hunt for any hint of what is to come. He would be doing it with or without Super-G, he’s just that guy. I feel his passion for the newest and latest benefits us all. What most don’t know is, he spends countless hours digging and researching.

Random Series of New Parts Joe Brings In
My Test Platform At The Moment

The Technical Perfectionist
For myself, I live for the technical side of things. Whether it’s tuning, building, testing, and fabricating for Super-G, that’s what I want to do. So here at Super-G, my role is everything from tuning chassis, laying out the next line, building props, pit tables, creating judging rules, etc. That’s my department. In addition to this, I’m always trying/testing/scrutinizing new products (ALWAYS) and trying to refine tunes to help our customers. I tend to be very detail oriented and these things just come natural for me. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I’m some tuning wizard, but I do know how to get around a chassis with decent results. With my background, I also have extensive experience with the finer points of product design, fabrication, and quality control. Again, this is something I would be doing with or without Super-G.

The Foundation For The Super-G Bridge

R/C Drifters At Heart
In addition to running Super-G, Joe and I always try to make time for what we really got into this for, to drift. On the days Super-G is closed, we try to make time to head out to some of the other drift tracks. We wish we had more time to do this, but recently it’s become more and more difficult, but we still manage to make time to get out there.

The Triple Team Tandem Comp Winners – Nick Lepisto, Mark Santa Cruz, and Joe Tam
Yokomo Drift Meeting 2018 (GGT) 1st Place Has Huang, 2nd Mikko Yang, 3rd Steve Fujita

A good combination
We felt this was a good balance for what we are after, an R/C Drift Entity that can provide the community with the newest latest products, as well as providing quality help and advice. A place for beginners and experts alike to come together and enjoy this segment of R/C that is Drift.

What came next for Super-G was just a natural progression.

Super-G – Part 1 (The Beginning)
Super-G – Part 3 (The Super-G Solution)