As many of you know, Super-G R/C Drift Arena is a facility located in Southern California. Baldwin Park to be exact, 20 minutes east of Downtown Los Angeles and a quick 30 minute drive from Disneyland. We are a dedicated R/C Drift Facility with an onsite store as well as an online store. This may all be common knowledge, but there is a lot more to what Super-G is. Up until now, we have just been doing us, and scrambling to keep ahead of the curve. Our goal has been to push forward the best that we can, without really thinking past that.

Super-G – The official beginning of the permanent R/C Drift Facility

How it started
R/C itself goes way back for Joe and myself. For myself, we are talking over 30 years (don’t be trying to calculate ages now) and for Joe quite a bit as well. Joe has been involved with R/C Drift since 2001, going to parking lot drift meets at Best Buy in West LA (Corner of Pico and Sawtelle), and I became involved in 2004. We were making our own tires back then. For a few years we both took a break from R/C since we were busy working on some different business ventures, but we always missed R/C. In June/July of 2014 we started doing a small Drift track in the Project-G parking lot on the weekends with our good friends, James Dyer and Jason Fordyce. Soon after, Randy Beard needed a spot to host his weekend sessions, so we opened up the parking lot session to him. He was hosting sessions here for a few months, but watching him labor to set up and tear down every weekend seemed to be a lot of work. We felt it was time to have a permanent spot to session, and to alleviate the hard work of setting up and tearing down every time there was to be a session. We soon cleared out our back lot and set up a small track and that quickly exceeded capacity, so I sacrificed my workshop and we went indoors to the current Super-G R/C Drift Arena. Our man Katsumi (From Arai fame) quickly joined us and helped to layout some serious drift courses, as well as helping with technical advice and also running comps.

The Early Days

We thought we were going to be the only R/C Drift facility in SoCal at the time, but we learned in our search for Yokomo products that Vertex/Yokomo USA was just about to officially open their track in San Diego. We immediately contacted Dat and Josh and became Official Yokomo Dealers. Back then there was only Vertex, and Super-G in SoCal, and Fatlace R/C and Sheldons in NorCal. It was surprising that everyone was doing their Grand Openings within a couple months of each other. From that point forward, Joe and I have not stopped pursuing the newest and latest products for R/C Drift. Since we come from the community and this started as a hobby we were active in, we feel our approach has always been a little different. We are trying to give the community what we had always hoped for. A reputable company that stocks the products we want, stateside.

Yokomo/Vertex visits Super-G

We want to give props and recognition to SpeedJunkies (Randy) and DriftNutz (Anthony) for pushing the scene when the support from the manufacturers went away for a few years. These guys were the only game in town for SoCal when Arai closed their doors.

Super-G / SpeedJunkies / Tetsujin Meet on our first layout

Super-G R/C Drift Arena has since been evolving from what was a hobby for Joe and myself. We felt the community needed a permanent facility if it were to grow, and we wanted a cool place for ourselves to drift as well. From the day we started til now, we are still evolving and still striving to bring you the finest the industry has to offer. We are still active in the community outside of Super-G itself. We regularly do off-site events, participate in competitions, and visit other tracks on our free time on a regular basis. This is more than a business for us, it’s a hobby and a lifestyle.

Super-G – Part 2 (Roles)
Super-G – Part 3 (The Super-G Solution)