Sunday, February 18, 2024

What A Weekend!
Super-G was hosting the Super Drift Competition 2024 (SDC2024) Season Opener for the SoCal Region on Saturday, February 17. We knew this was going to be a busy weekend for us. Not only were we preparing for the start of the comp season, but we were redoing the Drift Track, the Mini Z Track, changing the layout of our entire operations (store and shipping department), and we are changing the online store to a new system. Of course everything was coming to a head that particular week.

Leading up to this, we were contacted by Donut Media to be a part of their upcoming Cruise-In at the Petersen Museum here in Los Angeles. There was no way we were going to miss this! So why not just stack that on top of an already full plate.

A couple weeks before the event, we took a trip to the Petersen Museum to do a site-check to confirm the area and surface type. That was a treat in itself, as we (Joe and I) were given passes to check out the Museum itself, as well as access to The Vault, which houses an additional 250 cars which are not in the main galleries at the moment. We spent the better part of the day taking it all in. That was my first time there, and I have to say it’s impressive.

I spent the next few days laying out a track and fabricating the rails so we could have a quick setup. Why you may ask, as I already stated we were slammed with ongoing projects, right? We were informed we should arrive at the Petersen at 5:00am to setup Sunday morning since the event started at 8:00am. Parking is limited and the event was sold out. We knew the comp would be ending late the night before, so we needed to be ready.

Rogue Factory
Of course Joe and I couldn’t pull this off ourselves. Rogue Factory – Shaine Collins, Vittorio Santiago, Chris Silva, Jason Fordyce, Tyler Watt, Jaycen Wong, and Alan Benites, stepped up and let us know they had this handled. Not only were they going to do the Demo Driving, but they were all at Super-G ready to roll at 4:30am.

5am! Super-G and Rogue Factory gettin at it!

We arrived at the Petersen just after 5:00am. The location was on the top of the parking structure, which they keep immaculate. It was dark, it was wet from the rain, but for the forecast for the day was clear, so it was go time! The guys got right to work. We were all setup and ready to go with about an hour to spare.

Super-G Booth / RC Drift Demo

The Event
You all know how Donut Media does things, and this was no exception. The event was sold out (2,000 Tickets sold) and the location is smack dab in the middle of the busiest part of the city. Parking was crazy, there were a lot of really nice builds, and there was a ton of people. We were setup right next to Honda where they had a scooter course. It was really cool!

Sold Out Event. Donut Media at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles.

The level below us was where the vendors and the majority of show cars were located, as well as Donuts and Coffee. It was a really good event with a lot of cool and unique cars. Unfortunately, since I was running on fumes by then, I forgot to get pics of the event. I wish I had.

Exposing a new group to R/C Drift. Talk about a having fun!

The guys were all taking turns showing off what they do best. The tandems seemed to catch the most attention and kept people’s attention. There were a lot of questions from people who had never seen RC Drift in person. The flow of interested people never slowed or stopped from the time we opened. It was nice to learn a lot had seen our episodes on Donut Media and many pointed out High Car and Low Car which were on display. Our main goal was to expose a new audience to RC Drift and be able to remove some of the mystery of how to get involved.

It was good to hear High Car and Low Car were as well known as they are.

This was an awesome event and we were honored to be a part of it. Donut Media has been nothing short of amazing to work with. We appreciate the opportunity and look forward to many more in the future. Huge thanks to the guys from Rogue Factory – Shaine, Vittorio, Chris, Jaycen, and Alan. You guys stepped it up and handled Set-up, tear-down, answered questions, demo’d and overall just made it all happen. It was a crazy weekend and I think all of us were on an hour or less of sleep. Ha! It was a blast out there and there were a lot of smiling faces. A big thank you to Jimmy, Justin and the rest of the guys at Donut Media! And last but not least, Marly from the Petersen Museum. You all made this an extremely smooth and enjoyable event for us! Thank you again!

We Cant Wait For The Next One!