7/1/2018 – Limited Traction Triple Threat Tandem Comp
Super-G and the RawFew (Joe, Mark, Nick, and Steve) along with a few of the Super-G regulars (Drftndm – Kris and Tim) headed up to San Jose to join our NorCal Drift Fam for some Triple Team Tandem action. The last round, Super-G’s very own Raw Three came out victorious. We knew NorCal was going to bring it this time, so we were looking forward to some serious competition.

A few of us headed up early Friday to get a jump on the weekend traffic, and hopefully just chill once we arrived. There was a hiccup with the original venue (WekFest at the San Jose Convention Center), so it really put the NorCal crew in a spot. Rather than to cancel, they somehow locked down Sheldon’s Hobbies for the weekend. I’m sure we don’t know the entire story, but when we arrived, everyone was hard at work. It was obvious something big was going down. It was also clear that there was going to be a lot of work going on well into the early morning hours.

Joe, Mark, and I were hungry from our drive up, and right away the guys wanted to feed us. Rather than to disrupt their flow on the track build, we decided to step out and grab something on our own. We busted out Yelp and came across a spot called “A Slice of New York”.

The shop only has a couple of tables outside, but the the wait for pizza went into the streets! There was a constant flow of people in and out. Some ordering to go, some hovering patrons about to finish.

Once we got our pie, we understood why. All three of us know what we like in a pizza and some of us are pretty selective. Mark has had “real NY Pizza” and he said this smashed them all. Joe and I were blown away by A Slice of New York. It is up there with my favorite pizza spots for sure. Their shredded sausage was a new touch for us, and it was amazing! It gave the sausage an extra level of crispiness. NY style of thin and crispy made for an exceptional pie. We got out own pizza to make sure we would have the freshest experience possible.

After a few slices, we went back to Sheldon’s to see how things were coming along and lend a helping hand, but when we returned, we realized they had put down a sick layout down and they were already running laps! These guys sure work fast!

Chris, AJ, Lemi, Dan, Al, Dennis and Rynne (Sorry if I missed anyone) stayed until 3am to get the track ready for everybody to enjoy over the weekend! These guys really went above and beyond on such short notice to make it happen. Also Sheldon’s very own AJ made the venue available for everybody. Big thanks for Sheldon’s for hosting as well as all the people that helped with the behind the scene preparations.

Us socal guys were pretty tired from the journey up and called it a night by midnight.

Day 2:

We woke up bright and early and travelled into the city (San Francisco) to grab some eats from a famous place known for their wings.


We knew there would be a line before they opened and we were right! It was just past 10:30am and there was already a line forming outside their door.

While we were waiting in line for San Tung to open, we noticed a spot next door selling pies, Peasant Pies. We took a peek and ended up coming out with some pretty good pies to hold us over while we were waiting in line.  The beef and potato and chicken were both pretty good!

While finishing our last few bites of savory pies, San Tung was ushering people in!The line for this place is just crazy! Our mouths were salivating as we walked through the doors of this chicken wing palace.

Turns out this is a Chinese restaurant with phenomenal wings.

We stayed focused and kept our eye on the prize and ONLY ordered wings. Not one or two orders. We ended up with 3 orders of the Original Dry Fried Chicken. It took a little while for the wings to start coming out, but when they finally arrived, we knew it was worth the hassle, the journey and the hype!

The wings were just the right amount of sweet and savory. A nice amount of heat and the crunch was on point. Anyone visiting NorCal should do themselves the favor, and try this place out. We saw a constant flow of people walking in and out getting the wings togo.

We went back to our hotel to load up and go back to Sheldon’s.

RawFew Recking Kru was ready for some official practice! Also, more guys from SoCal were on their way up the 5 freeway.

While practicing, the smell of some brisket of charcoal filled the warm air. We knew brother Dan and his son Andrew were keeping everybody fed.

They had a huge operation in the back of Sheldon’s. There was canopies and grills all in motion.

It was pretty hot but we continued to practice until sunset. Everybody had a great time learning new layout. The different tandem teams started taking formation and began practices throughout the day.

Day 3:

We woke up extra early and went back to Bills Cafe (we came here a couple of years ago when we visiting LT at Sheldon’s the first time).

We were able to chill with Dennis of Limited Traction over breakfast. We knew if we didn’t go early, the line would also be crazy for this place on a Sunday morning.

After breakfast we all headed to Sheldon’s to get our Triple slide on!

The Triple Threat Team Tandem Comp:
This was the second of the Triple Team Tandem Competitions Super-G  and Limited Traction have been working at to get going here on the West Coast. From the level of fun and the awesome skills displayed, it looks like it will definitely become a thing here.

We will have coverage of the actual comp in a separate post, but I want to give props to the winning teams, LT Blue Balls (Rynne, Albert, and Lemi) put down some amazing 3-man trains to take the win! It was awesome watching them. Our very own S-Chassis (Nick, Kris, and Tim) threw down some solid runs and locked down Second Place.  Outlast/Wallride (Allen, Hao, and Scott) grabbed Third spot!

The event went very smoothly and we even got to celebrate a special birthday for one one of our own, the RawFew’s youngest driver, Ethan! He came up to the comp to celebrate his big 12!

We want to give a huge thanks to our NorCal Fam for hosting an amazing event! We know it’s not an easy task, and keeping a bunch of guys from LA entertained all weekend is just added stress. We all had a great time and can’t wait for the next one! Let’s do this again sooner than later guys!