Shown here on my personal Yokomo DIB v.2, Bagi Suspension. Utilizing a cantilever design, the effect the shock and spring
The Yokomo DPR kit goes together just as you would expect from any Yokomo kit. All the parts strategically separated
Finally the Super-G Sticker Sheet is here!
  MyTrickRC LED Kits are in the house! Their backfire drift mode is on point. Probably the best one we've
For those of you who are interested in counter steering your car, this is a helpful tool found on the
My Trick RC has been working hard to give us a quality light kit aimed at the drift scene. These
How to set up Bagi Suspension
First look at the new shaft driven chassis Yokomo released in 2015. Meet the DPR!
Here you will find all the popular CS setups.   TBA