As many of you already know, I've been running my Futaba 7PXR along with my Futaba CT700 Servo and Futaba
Futaba CT700 Servo. Programmable speed, torque, and more.
Axon Revoshock Dampers - A different design providing next level tunability
DS Racing LF-5 Tires. Balanced forward and side bite from a treaded tire!
One of the most important components to any drift setup is the steering servo. I have gone through a lot
As many of you know, Super-G R/C Drift Arena made the decision to move to a new Spec Tire around
Let's get right to it. Tires are a very important part of R/C Drift. If you are already into the
Team Yokomo: YD2SX2 / Roundly Steering Rack Setup In this article we will show you how to fine tune the
A lot of people have been wondering what the differences really are if any? If one's sold out, would getting
Being a shop that sells R/C Drift exclusively, we get a lot people asking which chassis would be the best
Super-G finally got their hands on the first batch of DX-1 Series Motors from Yokomo. The Type-R has been shipped
A lot of people have asked about which YD2 they should purchase and why? With Yokomo releasing over 14 variations,