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Presenting the Super Drift Championship 2021 USA Drift King – Austin Gregorio (Team Zenshin)

On October 24, 2021 here at Super-G R/C Drift Arena in sunny Southern California, we hosted the Super Drift Championship 2021 USA Finals. The very best in the USA brought their A-Game to throw down and compete for the title of USA Drift King. There were a lot of heavy hitters and some really amazing driving, but of course there can only be one champion with the Title of USA R/C Drift King, and his name is Austin Gregorio of Team Zenshin.

The Super Drift Championship 2021 USA Drift King!

This is one of those moments where there is so much to say, but also so little. As many of you know, there were definitely some favorites coming into the Finals for the 2021 Season, and we have all watched the battles both in competition and in points all season. Austin’s is a story that embodies the spirt of the Super Drift Competition Series. Not only can you qualify to compete at the Finals by winning regional competitions, but also though participation points. Coming into the Finals through any channel gives everyone an equal shot at the title. What this proves is, you don’t need to be a big name in the community to win all the marbles. You just need to simply join your regional competition, hone your skills, and bring it when it counts. (October)

Austin joined the R/C Drift Community last year and has been steadily growing his knowledge and skills throughout the 2021 Season. He took a crash course in R/C Drift when he landed a job here at Super-G. He had no choice but to learn about all the different products we sell, as well as all the ins and outs of tuning. Contrary to popular belief, nobody working at Super-G has any time to drive outside of the normal track hours (maybe sometimes, but not often), but being surrounded by R/C Drift all day everyday is going to rub off. Austin has taken advantage of being exposed to almost all the makes and brands available to the community today, and had made his choices very carefully.

Austin’s performance throughout the 2021 Season was really low-key and with the first 6 rounds consisting of 4 – 17th place and 2 – 9th place finishes, he definitely was not on anyone’s radar. However, he did wrap up the season with a 4th Place finish in Round 7, and a 5th Place finish in Round 8. Not too shabby, but even more so, was the huge improvement in Austin’s performance coming into the Finals. Breaking into the top 4 here in SoCal is no easy feat. He seemed to have found a setup that was working well for him – his Usukani PDS Mix, Acuvance ESC, Acuvance Fledge Motor, and Futaba 7PXR, Futaba GYD550 Gyro, and Futaba CT700 Servo. Of course his personal tune plays a huge role, which he does himself.

Although many may have been blindsided by Austin’s win and him earning the title of The Super Drift Championship 2021 USA Drift King, I must admit from all my observation throughout the 2021 season, it was clear Austin had it in him to be able to be competitive at this level. There was no doubt all the competitions throughout the season had prepared him for the pressures of the Finals and facing the very best the US has to offer in R/C Drift.

L to R – Shaine Collins (Judge), Manny Campalans (Judge), Alfredo Chan III (2nd Place), Austin Gregorio (DK) Team Zenishin, Mikko Yang (3rd Place), Steve Fujita, Ted Britt (Judge), Joe Tam

Going into next season, Austin has stated he is ready to defend his title, but has also expressed great interest in diving into Non-Assisted (No Gyro) Drifting as well. There is no doubt with his tuning knowledge and know-how, he will be a force to be reckoned with in both.

Here is a look at Austin’s winning, “Close to stock” Usukani PDS Mix. Of all the various chassis we have available here at Super-G (which is pretty much all of them), Austin gravitated to the Usukani Mix. Not only is this one of the most overlooked chassis around, but bang for the buck it’s almost impossible to beat. Austin has found the PDS Mix to be pretty well setup out of the box. He has changed dampers to Yokomo Big Bores, and has opted for a Tamiya Gear Differential with upgraded drive cups. Other than that he has kept his chassis stock. For his electronics Austin has chosen, Acuvance Xarvis XX ESC, Acuvance Fledge Motor, Acuvance Blaze Capacitor, Futaba CT700 Servo, Futaba GYD550 Gyro, and to keep it all under control, a Futaba 7PXR Radio System. This is without a doubt a winning setup.

Holding the title of Super Drift Championship 2021 USA Drift King, and being ranked the top driver in the US, you would expect a long history of R/C Drift accomplishments. For Austin, this is just the beginning. What a way to break into the ranks of the best! Congratulations to Austin Gregorio and his team, Team Zenshin! The reigning Super Drift Championship 2021 USA Drift King!!!

Super Drift Championship 2021 USA Finals – Super-G R/C Drift Arena

October 24, 2021

The Super Drift Championship 2021 USA Drift King – Austin Gregorio (Team Zenshin)
2nd Place – Alfredo Chan III (Team RAZR / Tech1Drift), 3rd Place – Mikko Yang (Team ReveD / Team DStyle)

This was a huge weekend for R/C Drift in the United States. For 3 days, the best R/C Drifters from all over the nation came together in Los Angeles, California for the Super Drift Championship 2021 USA Finals. Each competitor had to qualify in their region in one of 3 ways: 1 – Become the Regional Champion, 2 – Secure a Podium Spot in their regional competitions, or 3 – Participate in at least 50% of their regional competitions. This ensured the best players in the game would be able to compete for the title of Super Drift Championship 2021 USA Drift King.

The Super Drift Championship 2021 USA Finals Layout

The Venue
Super-G R/C Drift Arena in Los Angeles, California hosted this event. This is a fully stocked dedicated R/C Drift Shop with just about every brand available for R/C Drift. There are roughly 56 permanent pit spaces indoors and for the event provided an additional 72 pit spaces in the back lot. This provided plenty of space for the 66 competitors, as well as the many who came to support, spectate, and participate in the drift sessions. The track itself is polished concrete and roughly 31 x 54 feet. The track was made slightly shorter than normal to allow more driver space around the track, and also slightly wider to change the timing and feel to throw the locals a curve. Super-G R/C Drift Arena is also outfitted with a second floor which provides the judges a birds eye view of all the action, along with 6 – 4k cameras for the Super-G Replay System. Luckily the weather this year was about as good as it gets for this time of year in sunny SoCal, with the temps in the mid to high 70s.

The Meet and Greet
On the Thursday before the event, Super-G hosted a Meet and Greet where all the competitors could spend a leisure, calm day talking and sessioning before the official competition got underway. Tacos and Churros were provided to all that attended. I believe there was 450 tacos, 130 churros, and 12 quesadillas served. The vibe was right and everyone seemed to fit right in immediately. The great thing about the R/C Drift Community is the abundance of positivity that is shared between the competitors. It was clear from the start, if you were here at the Finals, you were here to have a good time and share this awesome hobby we all love. There was no shortage of competitors helping each other and sharing tunes even before the competition even started.

The Spec Tire
For the Super Drift Championship Series, we have been using the DS Racing Comp III LF-5 tire. This has been the best tire we have used, but unfortunately there were some issues with the tire on rougher surfaces, and with the numerous complaints DS Racing received about this, the Comp III LF-5 tire was discontinued. Immediately, Super-G began working with DS Racing to come up with a solution since for our surface there is no better tire.

Super-G has now released the new TSG-007 tire which has the same properties as the Comp III LF-5, but with a few slight differences. The feedback was amazing and when compared back to back, the TSG-007 seems to be the preferred tire.

The Format
As many of you may know, the 2020 Finals took place on one day, Saturday. With the amount of competitors, the competition didn’t end until 4am. Having the best drivers in the US having to stay awake to compete just didn’t work out as it should, and seemed unfair to say the least.

This year, we announced in January we would be hosting the 2021 Finals over the course of 3 days, October 22, 23, and 24th. This was met with a lot of relief, especially for the people who planned to compete and are actually interested in watching the competition in it’s entirety. It was a shame a few had missed this crucial change in format, but a few still made the journey out to take part in the sessions and enjoy the camaraderie for a couple days at least. We will be announcing the dates for next season shortly, but you can definitely count on another 3-day event.

The man, the myth, the Legend – Shaine Collins, Manny Campalans, and Ted Britt – The Judges

The Judges
For the Super Drift Championship 2021 USA Finals, I had decided to take a backseat to allow a more diverse group of judges to oversee the event. I was present as another pair of eyes, but for the most part not involved in the judging.

The Judges for the event were:
Shaine Collins – SoCal / Team DStyle
Manny Campalans – SoCal / Team Super-G
Ted Britt – Arizona / Team Bubblemilk

We owe all three of these guys a huge thanks. For those who have never judged on this level, I can tell you it is brutal. You are in full concentration mode and doing math in your head as fast as you possibly can, and then needing to clear your mind for the next run. Great job guys!

Since qualifying takes the most time in a comp, we decided to spread qualifying over 2 days (Friday and Saturday). Day one, the top 16 competitors were to be seeded in the Top 32 and would not need to qualifying the following day. The following day the remainder of the competitors would compete for the remaining spots.

Day One (Qualifying)
It was clear right out of the gate that this group of drivers were some of the best we have seen. Everyone, regardless of score obviously belonged here at the Finals.

One of the most memorable moments from the entire weekend happened on Day One of qualifying. Team Super-G driver, Jason Fordyce had shown up late since he had work. He walked in during the last round of qualifying, and would be allowed to drive, but without being able to break in tires, or being able to even try the qualifying line on a track he had never seen before. When it was his turn, he was going to only be allowed one run since he missed the first round. Jason throws down a blistering qualifying run! A lot of speed with a TON of angle, deep in the clips and zones and smooth as eggs! THEN, at the last 1” of track, with the very tip of his diffuser, Jason made the slightest of miscalculations and contacted the fence! This was enough to take his awesome run to a Zero and putting him to the bottom of the list to be qualifying the following day.

Day Two (Qualifying)
On day two we had the second round of qualifying. it was more of the same with everyone displaying some serious skills. Competitors were competing for the Top 15 spots for the upcoming Tsuiso Battle rounds on Sunday. As always, the 16th spot would be left open for the winner of the lower bracket (Bottom 34).

Top 16 Day One
Qualifying Position – Qualifying Score / Driver Number – Name
1 – 78 / 1 – Mikko Yang (Day One Top Qualifier)
2 – 77 / 3 – Matthew Timmer
3 – 76 / 43 – Joe D
4 – 76 / 53 – Aydin Angulo
5 – 75 / 5 – Michael Keene
6 – 75 / 21 – Cristian DeFalco
7 – 74 / 59 – Alan Benites
8 – 73 / 23 – Don Hadix
9 – 72 / 45 – Hao Huang
10 – 72 / 13 – Austin Greene
11 – 71 / 34 – Nick Lepisto
12 – 70 / 32 – Justin Wilming
13 – 70 / 17 – Bret Trevino
14 – 68 / 24 – Alfredo Chan
15 – 67 / 54 – Mitchell Phillips
16 – 67 / 51 – Baden Hermann

TOP 15 Day 2
Day Two (Qualifying)

1 – 84 / 62 – Jason F (Overall Top Qualifier)
2 – 74 / 29 – John Brasko
3 – 74 / 42 – Ryno D
4 – 73 / 65 – Austin Gregorio
5 – 69 / 40 – Bryant M.
6 – 67 / 57 – Shaine Collins
7 – 67 / 58 – Manny Compalas
8 – 64 / 35 – Kris Steele
9 – 64 / 37 – Jelani R
10 – 64 / 44 – Al S.
11 – 63 / 10 – Zachary Keanaaina
12 – 61 / 41 – Deven Yasay
13 – 61 / 64 – Brian Lemi
14 – 60 / 28 – Jason Ragasa
15 – 58 / 46 – Eric Acosta

16 – 58 / 47 – Robin D
17 – 58 / 49 – Juvani Balicoco
18 – 57 / 4 – Guy Marsh
19 – 57 / 60 – Stephen Phillips
20 – 56 / 15 – James Kotzbauer
21 – 56 / 19 – Joseph Maugeri
22 – 55 / 9 – Michael Cronhamn
23 – 55 / 52 – Sam Angulo
24 – 54 / 14 – Shawn Williams
25 – 53 / 36 – Phil Crawford
26 – 53 / 39 – Albert M
27 – 52 / 8 – Kalai Amanonce
28 – 52 / 25 – Nick Worrell
29 – 52 / 26 – Leeway Chang
30 – 49 / 16 – Adriano Vengoechea
31 – 48 / 30 – Fernando Cabrera
32 – 47 / 7 – Austin Lewis
33 – 45 / 38 – Dennis Hemmen
34 – 44 / 33 – Tom Erndt
35 – 42 / 20 – Ted Brandon Britt
36 – 42 / 50 – Paul Fregeolle
37 – 41 / 31 – Christopher Cruz
38 – 35 / 55 – Don Chang
39 – 35 / 63 – Lani Sabalboro
40 – 34 / 48 – Brennah Peepers
41 – 31 / 11 – Benjamin Fraley
42 – 30 / 18 – Gerald Maugeri
43 – 29 / 22 – David Sissum III
44 – 0 / 61 – Johnny G
45 – 0 / 2 – Brandin Guien-Armstrong
46 – 0 / 6 – Barton E Broze
47 – 0 / 12 – David Wessel
48 – 0 / 27 – Michael Dao
49 – 0 / 56 – Daniel Yribe

As many of you know me, you know I’m as transparent as I can possibly be, and this will be no exception. The original method I had planned to use to do the bracketing, it just did not work out as my hasty thinking led me to believe. It was a huge mistake and one I will live to regret for a long time to come. It basically put the best qualifiers up against each other in round 2 and would knock out one half of the top qualifiers immediately. That is not the way qualifying should work and is 100% my mistake. I was caught between sticking to what I had originally envisioned, or making a change and making myself look like an idiot. I chose the later in the pursuit of giving the best possible event instead of trying to save face. There is a lot more to this, but in the end, we put everyone in the Top 32 into a single, Top 32 bracket in order of qualifying score, which I felt in the end was the best possible scenario given the situation.
On a side note: The competitors who had 2 days of qualifying vs. just 1 day only improved their scores on average of 1.158 higher than the previous day. So the scoring was pretty consistent between both days.

To all the competitors and the R/C Drift community in the U.S., I want to offer my most sincere apology for my mistake. We are doing this to try represent R/C Drift in the United States in a positive light, and I botched it big time. There is nobody harder on me than myself, and I don’t believe in excuses, but I do believe in learning from my mistakes. I promise to come back harder, stronger, and definitely wiser in the future. (Steve)

Tsuiso Battle Rounds
Sunday was the day we were all waiting for. It was what this entire season was all about. Everyone had a chance to drive and tune, and it was time to throw down. As we always do, the Super-G way is to leave one spot open in the Top Round for the winner of the lower brackets to advance and have a shot at the title.

The Bottom 34 battles were as good as any, and what you would expect from the best R/C Drifters in the nation. The story of the Bottom 34 was Joseph Maugeri! Joseph was able to battle all the way through 5 rounds to come out the victor of the Bottom 34 and move on in to the Top 32!!! It was amazing to watch.

The Top 32! If you made it to the Top 32, considering the company you were with, it should already be considered a win. With so many great drivers present, it was really anyone’s to take home. It seemed between day one and day three, the drivers vastly improved. On day one, there were definitely different levels of driving going on. By day three, all the drivers seem to be on the same page. Becoming accustomed to the surface, the tires, the line, and the tune, it was clear the playing field had been leveled.

The battles were insane! So many great runs. In the end, it came down to Mikko Yang (Team ReveD / Team DStyle) vs. Ryno Degala (Limited Traction) for 3rd and 4th, and Austin Gregorio (Team Zenshin) vs. Alfredo Chan III (Team RAZR / Tech1Drift) for 1st and 2nd.

First up was Ryno vs. Mikko. Both runs were very close, but in the end, Mikko was able to pull off a better lead by going deeper in the zones than Ryno, and landing him 3rd place on the podium, and 3rd Best R/C Drifter in the US!!!

Then it was time for the Main Event! The moment the entire season had been leading up to! It was between Austin Gregorio (Team Zenshin) of SoCal, and Alfredo Chan III (Team RAZR / Tech1Drift) also of SoCal. Austin has been an up and comer this season, and just recently landed 4th in the Regional Finals for SoCal. He’s been working his way toward a Podium Finish, and here he finds himself battling for the title of Super Drift Championship 2021 USA Drift King. He was up against no other than Alfredo who just took the SoCal Regional Finals and is the reigning SoCal Drift King. Alfredo has been on fire and also took the title of Las Vegas Drift King! Double titles, we all knew who was the favorite going into this battle. (No offense Austin)

The first run was Austin’s lead and Alfredo’s chase! Alfredo was all over Austin as is Alfredo’s style. He is notorious for applying so much pressure, the lead driver cracks and ultimately loses. It was a great run! Then it was Alfredo’s lead and Austin’s chase. Alfredo pulled off a commanding lead run and Austin was keeping up, but definitely not keeping the proximity Alfredo was able to keep. On Austin’s lead, the judges had seen some abnormal movement at a particular section of the track, so they wanted to take another look before making the final call. Initially they thought Austin may have hit the barrier, but as they examined the replay on the Super-G Replay System, it was shown that not only did Austin NOT contact the barrier, but the abnormal movement they had spotted was Alfredo’s car bouncing back after making contact with Austin’s car. This was clearly the deciding factor, and landed Alfredo with a solid Second Place on the Podium, and making Austin Gregorio THE SUPER DRIFT CHAMPIONSHIP 2021 USA DRIFT KING!!!

The Super Drift Championship 2021 USA Drift King – Austin Gregorio (Team Zenshin)
2nd Place – Alfredo Chan III (Team RAZR / Tech1Drift), and 3rd Place – Mikko Yang (Team ReveD / Team DStyle)

Congratulations to Austin Gregorio the 2021 USA Drift King, Alfredo Chan III for a solid Second Place, and Mikko Yang on Third! You guys are the cream of the crop!

The Winning Chassis – Super Drift Championship 2021 USA Drift King – Austin Gregorio’s Usukani PDS Mix
2nd Place – Alfredo Chan III’s Team RAZR, 3rd Place – Mikko Yang’s ReveD MC1

The Event
We here at Super-G would like to thank each and every one of you who attended the Super Drift Championship 2021 USA Finals here at Super-G R/C Drift Arena. This wasn’t about just coming to Super-G, but coming together as a community and sharing the hobby we all enjoy. It was refreshing to see that although we are all located in different parts of the nation, we share the same type of fun. It was amazing how well everyone got along and to see everyone working together to have a good time. The competitors would be talking and having a great time together, then put on their game faces, and immediately return to friend mode as soon as the run was finished. That is what this is about and what makes it so much different than other forms of R/C. We made some great friends and great memories. We can’t wait to do it all again for 2022.

A huge thanks to all that participated both here and in their respective regions.
To the tracks and organizations who hosted the regionals – Limited Traction, Slidelines, RC Powersports of Rolla, Team Saiko, Scale Science, Tandem RC, RC Garage, Dori Lounge, and RC Fight Club. This wouldn’t be possible without you.
I also can’t forget Team Super-G for really stepping up and putting in mad hours to prep for this event, Nick Lepisto, Mark Santa Cruz, Manny Campalans, Jason Fordyce, and Aydin Angulo.
Limited Traction (Super-G NorCal) for helping with the setup early every morning.
Shaine Collins, Manny Campalans, and Ted Britt for judging and all the consulting not only for the Finals but all season.
And finally all our sponsors – Futaba USA, Pandora RC, Acuvance, ScaleReflex, HobbyWing, Hoonigan, DS Racing, MyTrickRC, Demiworks, FusedRC, PowerHD, Usukani, RhinoMax, ProtekRC, MST, Outbreak, APlastics, Topline, and Yokomo. Your products and support is what is keeping the R/C Drift Scene growing.

More pics to come (Sorry it’s been a long few months and I’m pooped)

Super Drift Championship 2021 SoCal Regional Champion!!!

September 11, 2021

Presenting The SoCal Super Drift Championship 2021 Regional Champion and Drift King
Alfredo Chan III
Team RAZR / Tech 1 Drift

Your Champion for SoCal Super Drift Championship 2021 – Alfredo Chan III (Team RAZR / Tech 1 Drift)

If you have been a part of R/C Drift in the United States, you no doubt have heard of Alfredo Chan III and his team, Tech 1 Drift. He has been a part of the scene since the early days, back when Sprint 2s were all the rage. Maybe even before that when we were putting electrical tape on the tires. Since then, Alfredo has been traveling and winning comps just about everywhere he goes. The Super Drift Championship Series has been no exception. Alfredo is always up in the mix with his awesome R/C skills and ability to adapt to any situation. This season he really stepped it up and made a conscious decision to win. He obviously wasn’t joking and when he put his mind to it, he made it happen. In fact, he has been traveling between Super-G and Slidelines in Las Vegas and has been putting it down in both regions. Since SoCal was his first comp in the Super Drift Championship 2021 Series, this is where his points will stay, but it will be interesting to see if he can take double titles. This would be a first! He has already established he can take home the most Top Qualifier Titles, as well as accumulate the most points to take the title of 2021 SoCal Drift King! He has really left his mark on the scene for 2021 already! Congratulations to Alfredo on some huge accomplishments thus far!
Can he pull it off against the best the U.S. has to offer? We’ll answer this next month!!!

The Top 3 for SoCal – First Place – Alfredo Chan III (Team RAZR / Tech 1 Drift), Second Place – Mikko Yang (Team ReveD / Team DStyle), and Third Place – Aydin Angulo (Team Super-G / Futaba USA / Acuvance)

The Top 3 finishers for SoCal
The SoCal Regional Champion, The Drift King of SoCal – Alfredo Chan III (Team RAZR / Tech 1 Drift), 2nd Place – Mikko Yang (Team ReveD / Team DStyle), and 3rd Place – Aydin Angulo (Team Super-G / Futaba USA / Acuvance). All 3 of these guys have been putting on strong showings and pushing the limits of R/C Drift in SoCal. Congratulations guys on a hard fought season!

Super-G hosted the SoCal Regionals
The SoCal Regionals did not disappoint this year. Even with a rocky start with COVID and all, the turnouts were great! We watched many new comers greatly improve with each round! It was a very exciting season for R/C Drift in SoCal.

The Super Drift Championship 2021 U.S.A. Finals

The time is finally here. The regionals are wrapping up and the Super Drift Championship 2021 U.S.A. Finals are upon us! Since we announced the dates back in January of this year, we have been in contact with many who plan to come to Los Angeles to throw down with the best the U.S. has to offer. It’s all coming together and it appears everything is a go. This promises to be the event of 2021 for R/C Drift! The sponsors are really taking notice of the Drift Community, so make sure you don’t miss it!

The Official Super Drift Championship 2021 U.S.A. Finals Page

Aydin Angulo (Team Super-G / Futaba USA / Acuvance) (L), Alfredo Chan III (Team RAZR / Tech 1 Drift) (R)
The Final Battle of the 2021 SoCal Season

9/11/21 Super Drift Championship 2021 Round 8 Regional Finals (SoCal)

September 11, 2021

This weekend was the Super Drift Championship 2021 Round 8 for the SoCal Region. This was the finals for SoCal and also the Double Points Round.

This round started off interesting to say the least. The weekend was hot so we made sure we had everything setup before the heat set in. As we hit 5:30pm and were ready to get things underway, we were struck with some technical difficulties. Our broadcast system was over-heating and so things didn’t want to get going as normal. We started 30 minutes late and there was a lot going on at that time. Our normal person who we have come to rely on for the Driver’s Meeting was not present, and I was pulled in all directions trying to get things going. Needless to say, I was not in the correct mindset to do the meeting and I must apologize to everyone in attendance. I had a lot to say being the last round, but I was so preoccupied I really fell short and forgot a lot of what I wanted to say. Again guys, I apologize.

As we kicked off the day it was clear everyone present was ready to really throw down. Double points meant this could really make or break the season for a few people. I had decided to use the track layout I had planned for The Finals in October to really put everyone to the test. It is a good combination of high-speed, low-speed, technical, and timing critical driving. It was no surprise the drivers were more than up to the task.

Mark handing business with the Scale Reflex Claw

The Judges
The Judges for the event were no strangers to the Super-G competitions. Shaine Colins (Team D-Style), Ted Britt (Team Bubblemilk), along with myself Steve Fujita would be overseeing the competition and enforcing the rules. We owe a huge thank you to Shaine and Ted for taking on the such a intense role in the comp. It wouldn’t be possible without them.

The Qualifying was as serious as it gets. There was no mistake, everyone was here to show their stuff. Even though there was a lot of great qualifying runs, there was one that stood above the rest. Jason Fordyce (Team Super-G / Futaba U.S.A. / Acuvance) had a mishap on his first run, tapping the wall on his entry to the first sweeper earning him a zero for that run. I think everyone expected him to go conservative on his second (last attempt), but instead, in Jason style, he sent it! His confidence paid off and netted him Top Qualifier position, and the winner of the Hoonigan TQ of the day award! Jason has earned the reputation of one of the most dynamic drivers in the scene, and he did not disappoint! Congratulations to Jason for a job well done!

Hoonigan Top Qualifier for Round 8 – Jason Fordyce (Team Super-G / Futaba U.S.A. / Acuvance

Tsuiso (Battles)

Next up was the what we had been waiting for all season! Next to the U.S.A. Finals, the SoCal Regional Finals is the biggest event for SoCal. It all came down to Kris Steel (Team Outbreak) vs. Jason Fordyce (Team Super-G / Futaba U.S.A. / Acuvance) for 3rd and 4th, and Alfredo Chan III (Team RAZR / Tech 1 Drift) vs. Aydin Angulo (Team Super-G / Futaba U.S.A. / Acuvance) for 1st and 2nd. It was no surprise to see these guys all up in the mix for Top 4.

First up, Kris vs. Jason for 3rd and 4th. Both of these guys have been in it for a minute and have battled many times in the past. Everyone knew it was anyone’s to win. First out of the gate was Jason in the Lead and Kris on the Chase. Both these guys were on fire today and Jason put down an awesome lead run! Kris answered back was a really great chase! There was really nothing to knock about either of these runs. Then the switched and Kris was on the Lead and Jason on the Chase! Kris put down a great lead as well and Jason answered right back with a great chase! Overall, Jason was able to put together a better lead and chase and landed himself in the 3rd Place Podium spot! Kris locked down a very respectable 4th place!

The Top Guns – Aydin Angulo (L) vs. Alfredo Chan III (R)

Then it was the battle of battles, Alfredo vs. Aydin for 1st and 2nd! Both of these guys have been on the podium all season and everyone expected both of these guys to throw down. First up was Alfredo on the Lead and Aydin on the Chase! This run was NUTS! Both these guys have a ton of speed AND a ton of angle! Alfredo put down a blistering lead run with Aydin hot on his door! It was obvious this battle is what the entire season had been all boiling down to! Both of these drivers were right at home on the podium and both have had their share of TQ titles! Next was Aydin’s lead and Alfredo’s chase! They started by wishing each other good luck with a fist bump, knowing very well they were both very capable of taking home the win. The run was incredible to say the least! Aydin put down an equally impressive lead, and Alfredo was able to maintain even better proximity and positioning the entire run! HOWEVER, Alfredo had contacted the wall at the entry to Zone 1, and this landed Aydin on the Top Podium Position of 1st Place, and giving Alfredo a very hard fought 2nd!

First Place – Aydin Angulo (Team Super-G / Futaba U.S.A. / Acuvance), Second Place – Alfredo Chan III (Team RAZR / Tech 1 Drift), Third Place – Jason Fordyce (Team Super-G / Futaba U.S.A. / Acuvance)

To say these runs were an amazing way to end the SoCal Regionals would be an understatement! The podium was no surprise to anybody and all who were present were witness to some of the finest driving we have seen so far!

Congratulations to First Place – Aydin Angulo (Team Super-G / Futaba U.S.A. / Acuvance), Second Place – Alfredo Chan III (Team RAZR / Tech 1 Drift), and Third Place – Jason Fordyce (Team Super-G / Futaba U.S.A. / Acuvance) 

Super Drift Championship 2021 Round 8 Brackets (EXPERT)
Super Drift Championship Round 8 Results (EXPERT)

This round we had quite a few first time competitors which is always awesome! There’s only one way to get going in the comps, and that’s to just jump in and do the do. For Sportsman, we had Rykin Settle vs. Phil Sandoval for 3rd and 4th spot, and Cody Johnson vs. Michael Mendoza for 1st and 2nd. After some good runs, Michael grabbed 1st, Cody 2nd, and Rykin took home 3rd! Great job guys! Looking forward to seeing more of you in the future!

Congratulations to Sportsman First Place – Michael Mendoza , Second Place – Cody Johnson, and Third Place – Rykin Settle
Sportsman Brackets
Sportsman Results
First Place – Aydin Angulo, Second Place – Alfredo Chan III, and Third Place – Jason Fordyce

What an awesome way to wrap up the SoCal Regionals! The level of driving and camaraderie amongst everyone in the community was something to witness all season!

Congratulations to Aydin Angulo (Team Super-G / Futaba U.S.A. / Acuvance), Alfredo Chan III (Team RAZR / Tech 1 Drift) and Jason Fordyce (Team Super-G / Futaba U.S.A. / Acuvance) for taking the podium in the Super Drift Championship 2021 Regional Finals (SoCal)!!!

Super Drift Championship 2021 Round 7

August 14, 2021

This past Saturday was the Super Drift Championship 2021 Round 7 for the SoCal Region. It sure seems like everyone is gearing up for the upcoming Regional Finals and the Super Drift Championship 2021 U.S.A. Finals in October! When I say the driving gets better every round, it really does. The skill level at the moment has surpassed any type of expectation I had at the onset of this season.

The Judges

Round 7 was the first comp in over 3 years here at Super-G where I was not a sitting judge. It was strange to say the least, but it allowed me to move about during the competition and see what else goes on. It was definitely needed and we have some plans to make it more pleasant in the upcoming rounds.

The Judges for Round 7 were Manny Campalans, Shaine Collins, and Ted Britt. If I could choose 3 people to judge, this would be it! Not only do they each have a deep understanding of the rules, but also why they have evolved into what they are today. All 3 also share the vision of serving the community and pushing the scene forward, so I could not think of a finer group to judge.

The Hoonigan TQ of the event – Alfredo Chan III (Team RAZR / Tech 1 Drift)


This Round appeared to the the same layout as the previous round, but everyone quickly realized it was anything but. There were a few tweaks to the layout that visually have the same appearance, but completely changed the line and flow. The usual suspects were laying down some serious qualifying runs, but there was one who really put the smack down and landed himself the Hoonigan TQ of the event, Alfredo Chan III of Team RAZR / Tech 1 Drift! If there is one thing Alfredo has shown everyone month after month is he can definitely throw down. With the next closest competitor 10 points behind, Alfredo had really established he was here and he meant business. Congratulations Alfredo for grabbing the TQ Title!!!

Tsuiso (Battles)

Congratulations to the winners of Round 7 – First – Alfredo Chan III, Second – Mikko Yang, and Third – Aydin Angelo

Round 7 was simply just an amazing display of R/C Drift Skills and drivers with nerves of steel. The battles were exciting as always and the skill was next level. By the end of the battles, it had come down to to Alfredo Chan III (Team RAZR / Tech 1 Drift) vs. Mikko Yang (Team ReveD / Team DStyle) for 1st and 2nd, and Austin Gregorio (Team Zenshin) vs. Aydin Angulo (Team Super-G / Futaba USA / Acuvance). First up was Austin vs. Aydin. Austin had been putting it down all night and appeared to really find his comfort zone. Going up against Aydin makes the best drivers nervous. Things were going great for Austin, but then it happened just as he was going to put the power down out of Zone 1, Austin had an unfortunate spin, handing over the win and a solid 3rd spot on the podium to Aydin!

Then it was time for the battle for 1st and 2nd with Alfredo vs. Mikko. Both of these guys are no strangers to the final battle. Mikko knew he had his work cut out for him as he was up against the TQ of the day, Alfredo! Out of the gate Alfredo was on the offensive with a extremely good lead run. Mikko had a decent stutter out of the gate and it seemed to set the tone for the rest of the run. With the title of TQ under his belt already, Alfredo was able to put together some great runs and lock down the win and First Place!!! Mikko took home a hard fought Second Place.

Congratulations to the Winners, First Place – Alfredo Chan III, Second Place – Mikko Yang, and Third Place – Aydin Angulo! Some amazing driving by all three!

Sportsman Class
The Sportsman Class was a little smaller this round, but that didn’t make it any less exciting. First up was Zach Watson vs. Alfredo Herrera. Alfredo was able to pull off the win, landing Zach in Third. Alfredo went up against Don Chang for the Finals. Don was able to land himself the win and First Place! Alfredo took home a respectable Second Place!

Congratulations to the Sportsman winners – First Place – Don Chang, Second Place – Alfredo Herrera, and Third Place – Zach Watson!!!

Congratulations to our Sportsman Class Winners – First – Don Chang, Second – Alfredo Herrera, and Third – Zach Watson

Next Round is the Regional Finals for SoCal! It is also the Double Points Round!
Talk about exciting. REMEMBER, there is still a chance to qualify for the Super Drift Championship 2021 U.S.A. Finals in October. Just come out to Round 8 and land a podium spot, or participate in 4 or more Regionals.

See you at Round 8!

Super Drift Championship 2021 Round 6

July 11, 2021

This past Saturday was the Super Drift Championship 2021 Round 6 for the SoCal Region. This seriously had to be the round of the season so far! It seems like every round gets better and better, but this was one action packed event!

The Regulators - Steve Fujita and Manny Campalans
The Regulators – Steve Fujita and Manny Campalans

The Judges

This round we found ourselves missing our 3rd judge. Shaine Collins had some family business to attended to at the last minute, and Ted Britt wasn’t able to make it out this round either, so after a brief discussion, Manny decided he would take the zero for the round to ensure the judging was of the level we have always upheld. We all owe Manny a huge thank you for sacrificing the possible points he could have accumulated for this round. He said he was going to win this round, but I guess now we’ll never know.

The Hoonigan TQ of the event - Alfredo Chan III (Team RAZR / Tech1Drift)
The Hoonigan TQ of the event – Alfredo Chan III (Team RAZR / Tech1Drift)


With all the heavy hitters coming out for Round 6, we knew the qualifying was going to be insane and we couldn’t be more right! There were a lot a good runs. Aydin Angelo (Team Super-G) threw down an awesome 93! The judges were blown away. That was some of the best driving we had seen all season. Then a few runs later, Alfredo Chan III (Team RAZR / Tech1Drift) stepped up to the plate and put down 2 back to back RIDICULOUS runs!!! His first was his best, but also the best we have seen ALL SEASON! Precise, fully in the zones, smooth, no corrections, and with speed that showed Alfredo had full confidence in his abilities. Since Alfredo’s qualifier was early on, both judges pulled back a point just in the event someone were to pull off something even more amazing, but Alfredo’s run proved to be something NOBODY was going to touch! After qualifying was finished, we as judges discussed Alfredo’s run and realized we both wanted to award full points, but pulled back for the same reasons. Officially Alfredo walked away with a solid 98. Unofficially though, he pulled a 100!!! Congratulations Alfredo for winning the Hoonigan Top Qualifier of Round 6!!!! That is an accomplishment to be proud of.

Tsuiso Battles

The battles were amazing this round as well. We had a lot of new comers joining us, which is always awesome! After all was said and done, it all came down to Mikko Yang (Team ReveD / Team DStyle) vs. Haoyan Huang (Team WallRide) for 1st and 2nd, and Jason Fordyce (Team Super-G) vs. Christian Gonzales (Team Nemurenai) for 3rd and 4th. First up was Jason vs. Christian. Christian was first to lead and he put down a really good lead. It was a bit on the conservative side, but he did what was needed to put the pressure on Jason. Then it was Jason’s turn to lead and Christian was on the chase. Christian poured on the pressure and Jason was obviously giving it all he had. Jason was putting down a great lead run, coming extremely close to knocking down some markers that would have ended his run, but he pulled it off cleanly. Then it happened, feeling the pressure from Christians chase, he made the slightest of miscalculations at one of the trickiest parts of the track, and made contact with the fence. Christian locked down a hard fought and stressful 3rd Place!!!

Hao Huang (L) / Mikko Yang (R)
Next up was the finals! It all came down to Mikko vs. Hao. Both these guys are no strangers to being in this position. First out was Mikko leading and Hao chasing. Mikko puts down a really good lead and Hao gives a pretty decent chase. Then it’s Hao’s lead and Mikko on the chase! Hao does a great job leading and Mikko does his part on his chase. The judges needed to go to the Super-G Replay System to confirm what they had believed they saw on Mikko’s lead. The replay system confirmed, Hao had made contact just before the finish line, causing his car to bounce and clearly giving Mikko the First Place finish! Hao took home a respectable Second Place, and Christian landed Third Place!

First Place - Mikko Yang, Second Place - Hao Huang, Third Place - Christian Gonzales
First Place – Mikko Yang, Second Place – Hao Huang, Third Place – Christian Gonzales

Congratulations to the winners of the. Super Drift Championship 2021 Series – SoCal Region Round 6!

First Place - Mikko Yang, Second Place - Haoyan Huang, Third Place - Christian Gonzales
First Place – Mikko Yang, Second Place – Haoyan Huang, Third Place – Christian Gonzales

Sportsman Class

The Sportsman Class was exciting as always! It all came down to DJ Young vs. Mike Ill for 1st and 2nd, and Don Chang vs. Gerald Maugeri for 3rd and 4th. First up was Don vs. Gerald. It was an exciting run, but Don was able to pull off the win and lock down 3rd Place. Then it was DJ vs. Mike. Both these drivers did their best and DJ was able to put together the win and took home 1st Place. Mike locked down 2nd!

First Place - DJ Young, Second Place - Mike Ill, Thrid Place - Don Chang
First Place – DJ Young, Second Place – Mike Ill, Thrid Place – Don Chang

Congratulations to our Sportsman Class winners!

JUST REMEMBER, THERE ARE STILL 2 MORE ROUNDS FOR THE SOCAL REGIONALS! If you have not qualified for the finals in October as of yet, A PODIUM FINISH (Expert) will earn you a spot! Regional Champion, Podium Finish, or 4 or more event participation gets you in!

Super Drift Championship Round 5 (SoCal Region)

June 12, 2012

Christian Gonzales (Team Nemurenai) L Mikko Yang (Team ReveD / Team D-Style) R

The Super Drift Championship Round 5 Regional for SoCal is in the books, and what an amazing event it was! With everything opening up, a local track (Sky Hunter Hobbies) having their Grand Opening, graduations, and vacations hitting hard this month, we were expecting a smaller than usual turnout. Surprisingly, the turnout was more than expected and Round 5 turned out to be an action-packed comp.

This round we were missing a lot of the regular heavy-hitters, but in exchange we were honored to have some of our out of town fam come in to throw down. I want to give a huge thanks to Bret Trevino, the owner of Slidelines R/C in Las Vegas, Nevada and Tech1Drift Team Driver, Ryno Degala from NorCal (Limited Traction), David Wessel from Arizona (Team Bubblemilk), and Ted Britt from Arizona and Team Bubblemilk! All of them made this round one of my favorites.

Super Drift Championship Round 5 – SoCal Region

This round we were missing one of our regular judges, but luckily Ted Britt decided to come out and sub for Shaine. Ted has proven to be an effective judge and has a very strong understanding of the Super Drift Championship rules. He, along with Manny Campalans and myself were the judges for the event. Thank you Ted and Manny for stepping up. We know how difficult it can make the comp days, and we couldn’t do it without you guys.

Round 5 was met with a different type of layout than what we normally run here at Super-G R/C Drift Arena. This time around we decided to have the type of line that puts the competitors skills and timing to the test. Setting up and hitting zone 1 at the correct speed and angle was essential to hitting zone 2 correctly. Not surprisingly, all the competitors took to this right away and it was business as usual.

Qualifying was interesting to say the least. With the new layout we weren’t sure what to expect, but the scores were coming in pretty consistently when compared to the previous rounds. Haoyan Huang has been taking the season off, but decided it was time to get back at the comps. Haoyan threw down a blistering qualifying run and landed Top Qualifier for Round 5! Hoonigan has stepped up and sponsored our Super Drift Championship Series and donated prizes for the Hoonigan Top Qualifier! Congratulations to Hao for taking TQ with a score of 90!

HOONIGAN TQ Award Winner – Hao Huang

If that wasn’t enough to make things exciting, new comer, Christian Gonzales (Team Nemurenai) making his comp debut was 2nd in qualifying with a score of 89! Just one point off of TQ!!! Great driving Christian! I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more from Christian in the future. Maybe even the immediate future.

The Line Up! LET’S DO THIS!

Tsuiso Battles
Expert Class:
Round 5 didn’t disappoint with the tandem battles. There were so many good runs, it was clear everyone has been upping their skills. It all came down to the Top 4 – Christian Gonzales (Team Nemurenai) vs. Mikko Yang (Team ReveD / Team D-Style) for 1st and 2nd, and Bret Trevino (Slidelines R/C / Tech1Drift) vs. Hao Huang (Team Wallride) for 3rd and 4th!

First up was Hao vs. Bret. For their first run, both Hao and Bret had contact on their lead runs, callling for a OMT. Nobody was complaining though, cause these runs were amazing! On the OMT run, Hao had contact and then Bret threw down a Ridiculous chase! The secured a solid 3rd Place finish for Bret!

Then it was time for the main event, Mikko Yang – The reining Drift King of the US, vs. Christian Gonzales – debut comp. Both of these guys were on FIRE and we all knew this was going to be a serious battle. Out of the gate, Mikko put down a serious lead. Christian answered back with a decent chase. Then it was Christian’s turn to lead and Mikko on the chase! It had all come down to this! Christian was putting down a good lead and not being shaken by veteran Mikko’s chase. Mikko was applying some serious pressure on his chase, not giving Christian any type of break. Then it happened, in the very last second, the last 18” of the course, a slight miscalculation on Mikko’s part caused contact which caused his car to bounce and Christians to suddenly increase angle. This was enough to land Christian in the Top Podium Spot, and his FIRST win on his debut comp! Not a bad way to start out I must say! Mikko secured 2nd Place on the podium!

First Place – Christian Gonzales, Second Place – Mikko Yang, Third Place – Bret Trevino

Congratulations to the winners of the Expert Class, First Place – Christian Gonzales (Team Nemurenai), Second Place – Mikko Yang (Team ReveD / Team D-Style), and Third Place – Bret Trevino (Slidelines R/C – Tech1Drift)

L to R – Mikko Yang (2nd Place), Christian Gonzales (1st Place), Bret Trevino (3rd Place)
Expert Brackets
Expert Results

Sportsman Class
The Sportsman Class was full of excitement as well! It came down to Leeway Chang vs. Don Chang for 1st adn 2nd Place, and Eric Canal and Jesse Knapp for 3rd and 4th Place. Eric was able to lock down 3rd spot! Leeway secured 1st, and Don took home a 2nd Place win! This was Don’s first competition!

FIrst Place – Leeway Chang, Second Place – Don Chang, Third Place – Eric Canal

Congratulations 1st Place – Leeway Chang, 2nd Place Don Chang, and 3rd Place – Eric Canal! Great job guys!!!

Sportsman Brackets
Sportsman Results

Super Drift Championship 2021 UPDATE


As I’m sure most of us are sick of hearing about COVID, it is still very relevant to what is going on in our everyday lives. With that being said, we need to adjust and update what is going on with the Super Drift Championship Series for 2021. Don’t worry, it’s all good news, but we need to make it official.

To start, if you reside more than 200 miles away from any regional, and would like to attend and participate in The U.S. Finals in October, please contact me directly at steve.superg@gmail.com

For the rest of us, there has been a few changes to make it easier to qualify for The Finals.

Adjustments made:

  1. The requirement for qualifying through participation points has been lowered to 50% minimum participation. We understand that many were not comfortable coming out during the early months this year. Now that the COVID restrictions are being lifted, we feel it is reasonable at this point.
  2. We will be dropping everyone’s lowest score out of 8 events. This means if you missed an event or had an off day, this will not count against you.

We will NOT be allowing walk-ons. You will need to be pre-qualified to participate in The Finals. Track owners, if you wish to participate, please contact me directly.

We still have regions trying to get started. Contact me and let’s get this going. We still have a few months to go.

Super Drift Championship Round 4 (SoCal Region)

Super Drift Championship 2021 Round 4

May 8, 2021

It seems with every round the competition just gets better! This round was no exception. Although it was Mother’s Day weekend and many were out of town, we still had a great turnout.

We had visitors from Las Vegas and Arizona joining us which made it even better. Huge thanks to Bret, the owner of Slidelines for joining us. It’s always an honor when a track owner comes to enter one of our events.

The Layout
For Round 4 we decided to change it up a bit. Instead of our usual single straight to sweeper type of layout, we went with a high-speed straight to sweeper, to high-speed straight with a chicane to shake it up a bit. It did prove to make the runs more challenging, but as expected, everyone rose to the occasion and adapted almost immediately.

The Judging
For as long as I can remember, 4 years +, I have always had my right hand man, Shaine Collins right there judging with me. I don’t know if I can remember a time in our 100+ comps we have judged where he wasn’t there. Well there’s a first for everything and this weekend he had some really important business to handle. Needing a 3rd judge, I thought about who has asked the most questions about our judging and who has actually displayed a firm understanding of the rules. I had the perfect person in mind, and he just so happened to be coming from out of state this weekend. Ted Britt from Arizona and Team Bubble Milk was my first thought. I consulted with Manny and Shaine and we all agreed he would be a great candidate.

As I am constantly explaining, our style of competition doesn’t have much “judging” going on, but rather spotting errors and being able to assign fault and severity to them. The rules are such, where each call should be black and white. With Ted’s firm grasp of the Super Drift Championship rules, we didn’t skip a beat. Ted knows the rules and how to apply them, and with that, we had our 3rd judge and the show went on without a hitch! Thanks to Manny Campalans and Ted Britt for judging alongside of me for Round 4!

TQ of Round 4 – Alfredo Chan III (Team Razr / Tech1Drift)

Being a new style layout, there were a few being a bit cautious and with good reason. Then you had some of the more seasoned drivers who can adapt to any situation, and these guys really stepped it up! For the Top Qualifier of Round 4, we had a tie between The U.S. Drift King, Mikko Yang (Team ReveD), and Alfredo Chan III (Team Razr / Tech1Drift). These guys are no strangers to TQ or podium finishes, so it was no surprise to see them in a battle for TQ. Both competitors we given one more qualifying run, and the true TQ winner would be determined off those runs. Alfredo was able to put together a near perfect (if not perfect) run, giving him the decisive Top Qualifier win and title for Round 4! Congratulations Alfredo!

Tsuiso Battles
Then it was the time we had all been waiting for, Tsuiso Battles! With the amount of speed that was obtainable, there were some mistakes we aren’t accustomed to seeing. A lot of people we are used to seeing put down clean laps were hitting walls or their opponent. So we knew it was a good thing to change it up and keep everyone on their toes.

Expert Class
The Expert Class came down to The U.S. Drift King – Mikko Yang (Team ReveD), TQ of the event, Alfredo Chan III (Team Razr/Tech1Drift), Aydin Angulo (Team Zenshin), and Alan Benites (Team Zenshin). Every single one of these guys are heavy hitters!

First up was Aydin vs. Alan. The battle was insanely close as were all the battles in the top 4. Aydin was able to secure 3rd with Alan having some contact on his lead and chase. Congratulations to Aydin for a hard fought for Third Place!

Then it was time for the big dogs of the night, Mikko vs. Alfredo for first and second! Both of these guys find themselves in this exact same situation often. These 2 were also the 2 who were tied for TQ, so you know they both had firm command of this layout and they both understood what the judges wanted to see. Alfredo put down a near perfect lead run with Mikko hot on his door! Both the lead and the chase were what we would expect from drivers of this caliber. Then it was Mikko on the lead and Alfredo on the chase. Mikko threw down an awesome lead knowing he had to really turn it up to be in the running. Alfredo answered back with a vicious chase, leaving no room to be outdone. The judges needed to go to the replay to check what looked to be contact in Zone 1, and it was confirmed. Mikko had a slight miscalculation and hit the wall, giving Alfredo a well deserved win, and the top podium spot for the night! Mikko locked down a respectable 2nd!

Congratulations to First Place – Alfredo Chan III (Team Razr / Tech1Drift), Second Place – Mikko Yang (Team ReveD), and Third Place – Aydin Angulo (Team Zenshin)!

Sportsman Class
This round we had a good amount of first-timers, so the Sportsman Class promised to be some good fun! The top 4 boiled down to Danger Dan Sonner (Handsome Drifters), Mitchel Phillips for first and second. Cody Johnson, and Jaron Gosselin battled for third and forth.

First up was Cody vs. Jaron. Both Cody and Jaron had some similar bumps, which brought us to a OMT (One More Time). This time they were able to shake off the nerves a little. This time around Jaron was able to hold it together and locked down a solid Third Place!

Then it was time for the battle for First and Second! Dan vs. Mitchel. The first battle resulted in a OMT with both drivers making contact on their chase runs. Now they were both warmed up. Dan threw down a solid lead with Mitchel right behind. Mitchel came right back at Dan with a solid lead as well. It came down to the chase runs, and Mitchel was able to lock down First Place with better proximity on the chase! Dan took home a well deserved Second Place!

Congratulations to First Place – Mitchel Phillips, Second Place – Dan Sonner, and Third Place – Jaron Gosselin!

Super Drift Championship Round 3 (SoCal)

Super Drift Championship 2021 SoCal Round 3

April 10, 2021

What a weekend!!!
Super Drift Championship SoCal Region Round 3 is in the books! This was an amazing weekend for sure! We had 40+ competitors and all the driving was on point! As things begin to slowly open up here in SoCal and more and more people are getting the vaccine, it seems people are becoming more comfortable coming out.

Happy Birthday Alec!

We were lucky enough to have Alec and his girlfriend, Jasmine visit us all the way from Arizona to share Alec’s birthday with us! It was such an honor to be a part of their special day! Thank you guys for coming out! It made Round 3 that much more special!

A Few Changes
This round we implemented a few changes which were suggested during our Special Super Drift Championship Meeting we had a couple weeks prior. We held an early Driver’s Meeting to go over the line that would be expected and scored. Normally we do this at the Driver’s Meeting just before qualifying, but this made a lot more sense. Even with 2 Driver’s Meetings there was still some confusion with someone regarding the line. Just goes to show you can’t have too much information. We also went back to our fluorescent orange markings for the Clips and Zones. Thanks for Jelani for some great suggestions at the meeting!

The guys that make this all possible – Shaine Collins and Manny Campalans

The Judges for the evening
The judges for this round were the usual suspects. Shaine Collins (L) and Manny Campalans (R). After our Special Meeting, the competitors who attended we able to realize how the judging works here at Super-G, and most importantly, how there cannot be any bias since there are really no “Judgement” calls. All the rules for the Super Drift Championship Series are black and white. No grey area left for judgement calls. These 2 deserve a lot of credit for pushing the scene forward. Their job of being part of the judging panel makes every comp stressful work for them. They were both willing to sacrifice driving to preserve the integrity of the series. I insisted they drive, and have made it a goal of mine to spread our style of judging. Once everyone understands how it works, they will be able to make the calls before the official word is given.

Top Qualifier of Round 3 – The U.S. Drift King himself, Mikko Yang (Team ReveD / Team DStyle)

Qualifying this round was intense! We had gone with a line very similar to what we had in Round 2, but with a different start and a slightly different line. The competitors were vicious this time around! It seemed everyone stepped up their game and were in it to win it! In the end, Mikko Yang the U.S. Drift Kiing (Team ReveD / Team DStyle) threw down a blistering run and easily snagging Top Qualifier of the day! Mikko was on fire and was seriously the King of Smooth out there. Congratulations Mikko for a well deserved TQ!

Aydin Angulo (Team Zenshin) vs. Nick Lepisto (Team Futaba USA / RawFew)

Tsuiso Battles
Then it was time what we had all been waiting for, the Tsuiso Battles! With 40+ competitors, we knew we were in for a treat, and they did not disappoint! The earlier battles were existing as always, but this round, the Top 8 was INSANE! These guys weren’t playing. As judges we got to observe the competitors playing and joking, but as soon as the lights started to count down, the game faces came out! It all boiled down to Nick Lepisto (Team Futaba USA / RawFew) vs. Aydin Angulo (Team Zenshin), and Alfredo Chan III (Tech 1 Drift) vs. Jason Fordyce (Team Futaba USA / RawFew).

First up was Alfredo vs. Jason for 3rd and 4th spot. It was a really close battle, but in the end it was Alfredo for 3rd place on the podium with a cleaner run!

Then it was time for the Final, Nick vs. Aydin! Both these guys were on fire all night! This had to be the most intense battle we have seen this season. Both drivers had contact cancelling them out and it was all about a OMT! The OMT was NUTS! Nick on his chase was right on Aydin’s door the entire run. This was the closest run this season! Then it was Nick’s turn to lead, and in zone 1 Aydin fell back just a bit. Nick was on a winning run, then it happened, Nick made contact right after Zone 2, giving Aydin the win! Aydin was killing it all night and definitely earned the win!

Congratulations 1st Place – Aydin Angulo (Team Zenshin), 2nd Place – Nick Lepisto (Team Futaba USA / RawFew), and 3rd Place – Alfredo Chan III (Tech 1 Drift)!

The Sportsman class was exciting as always! Great job Guys!

Congratulations 1st Place – Braxton Strickland, 2nd Place – Michael Gray, and 3rd Place – Gerald Maugeri!

Official Point Standings for the Super Drift Championship Series – SoCal Region: