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Super-G’s Factory Team

Primary FUN COMP & FUN COMP Hosts at Super-G

Nick L, Alan M, Jason F, Tyler W, Mark D, Kevin M

Super-G takes a much needed field trip to San Diego to visit our friends at Vertex RC (Yokomo USA). We
For 2017, the Super-G Team, the RawFew has chosen a new chassis! What and Why Until now the RawFew have
We went to FatLace a few weeks ago and the video finally got put together!
Super-G / RawFew Visits NorCal (Part 3 of 3) Fatlace RC Drift Garage: What is there to say about Fatlace
Super-G / RawFew Visits NorCal (Part 2 of 3) Limited Traction Drift Arena: We arrived at the Limited Traction Drift Arena
The Super-G Team, The RawFew visit San Jose. February 17-19, 2017 It has been a long time in the making,
On January 6, 2015 we had the holiday dinner for RawFew. It seems Manna Korean BBQ is quickly becoming our
On September 14th, 2015 The Super-G Factory Team Drivers took Katsumi to Manna Korean BBQ in J-Town for one last