Work VS-KF (BLACK) R-SPEC (HIGH TRACTION) 5mm / 7mm [Overdose] OD2570 OD2571 VSKF


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OD support driver RYO produced new design wheels !
WORK VS KF wheel is now R-SPEC !!

The 『R-SPEC WORK VS KF』wheel developed by RYO who is OD support driver and world champion of RC Drift competition. WORK VS KF wheel with deep rim is also effective in the drift competition scene. The R-SPEC wheel had a one piece design which is the spokes extended to the outer rim, but this VS-KF has a deep rim design. Uniform rigidity on the outside and inside of the rim design, it is able to balance the line traceability and traction on a high level. +5mm and +7mm offset. Black color only.

Rims are sold in pairs.
These are in BLACK

OD2764 – 5mm (2 black high traction VSKF)
OD2765 – 7mm (2 black high traction VSKF)

Additional information

Weight .35 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 1 in

5mm, 7mm