Universal / S13 Under Panel / Interior Full Set [Pandora] PAI-800


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This Pandora Set is really ideal to bring your body to the next level.

Features scale core supports, intercooler, inner fender, dash, seats, steering wheel and more.

DOES NOT COME PAINTED, and DOES NOT come with a body.

This full set can really create a custom car that nobody will have. Many people have used various pieces on other bodies, athough it was originally designed to be used with their PAB-123 S13 Body.

Product Name : INNER SET for PAB-123 / S13
No : PAI-800
JAN code : 4560452088002

Exterior Parts

  1. Front frame
  2. Front reinforce
  3. Side frame R/L
  4. Rear frame
  5. Radiator
  6. Intercooler

Interior Parts

  1. Two sets of seats
  2. The instrument panel
  3. Handle
  4. Console
  5. Rearview mirror
  6. Door panel R/L
  • for SILVIA S13 (PAB-123 / Pandora Body)
  • The body is not attached to our inner set.
  • A photograph is a trial product. It may be different from a real product.
  • 1/10 size / Non-painting / Product made in polycarbonate.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 11 × 5 in